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 Cristy- Creator, Founder and Lead Mom Content Creator

I conceived the idea for Los Tweens and Teens in the midst of raising identical twin daughters as they reached first grade. My familia always is at the center of my life. My twins are truly a gift from God. As an adolescent Cancer survivor I had little hope to be a mother- but we did it!

Cristy and the Twins – Olivia and Sophia

As the girls got older I was struggling with keeping my Latina culture alive for them once my amazing Abuelitos passed away – they were the true gatekeepers. My hubby and I realized we needed to teach our girls about culture during the critical tween years (7-12) and figured we weren’t alone! As my madre says…”ahora es el momento – luego es muy tarde para empezar.” (Translation: You have to start early or it will be too late to teach kids later).

La Familia Kish

So I wanted an online location where parents and influencers around kids ages 7-17 could share all of our collective cultures while raising children in this great nation we share.  Los Tweens and Teens was born. Because raising children ‘takes a village’ – I’ve assembled an awesome team of Content Creators from various angles that impact children as they continue to grow and flourish.


Our ‘Las Tias’ Team

In many cultures ‘Tias’ or aunts are very special members of a family who help parents raise children. During the tween and teen years ‘Tias’ or ‘Aunties’ can influence children very strongly and often can be a good ‘go to’ person when mom or dad are not available. Here are our SUPER Tia Content Creators!

Anllelic Lozada- Las Tias Content Creator, New York

Anllelic is a Personal Marketing Integral Coach in New York City, where she helps YOU become more marketable to transform your career, your business – or both.

After more than ten years as a multicultural marketing executive for major brands such as Honda, P&G, Macy’s, PR Newswire, AOL and The Huffington Post, as a business coach she combines her three passions: Marketing, professional development and branding.

Anllelic Lozada, 'Las Tias' Content Creator based in New York.

Anllelic Lozada, ‘Las Tias’ Content Creator based in New York.


Mariechelle Bonifacio- Las Tias Content Creator- Southern California

Mariechelle works at a national non-profit during the day and in her free time, she enjoys screenwriting, cooking, Zumba, catching up with friends and exploring new things to do in and out of Southern California! She also creates content for her lifestyle blog www.mexipinaonthego.com

Mariechelle is the Las Tias Content Creator in Southern California

Mariechelle is the Las Tias Content Creator in Southern California


Giancarlo Tapanes, Los Tweens & Teens ‘Millennial Cocinero’- Foodie!

Every family has that guy or gal who is ‘all about the food’ and that’s our Giancarlo! A young, Millennial, bilingual college student, Giancarlo is a future restauranteur and chef in the making. Already he’s responsible for cooking up all major holidays for his familia and supports his parents who are food franchisees. Most days you’ll find him in the kitchen creating a new version of a classic or his own vision. Either way he brings major flavor to our Food coverage with a goal of helping all growing kids experience food in new ways.

Giancarlo for Los Tweens

Giancarlo finds new foods to share with tweens & teens- he’s obsessed with expanding what kids eat!


Sergio Clavijo- Los Abuelos, Content Creator + Spanish-language Editor

Sergio is our top Abuelo and ‘cultural guardian’ – he keeps our team in line! Recently retired after 35+ years with a top telecommunications company, he is transcreating content in Spanish as well as attending events for our team. Sergio presents an essential ‘Abuelo point of view’ to help other seniors think about ways they can stay connected with their older grandchildren.

Cristy’s Mom and Dad- Tania & Sergio


Jorge Hernandez, Los Tweens & Teens ‘Dad’ Content Creator

Jorge is a Business Development Manager with expertise in Education. He is a bilingual father of two children – a tween and a teen – and offers his sarcastic view of life and parenting!

Jorge is our Dad Content Creator based in South Florida.

Jorge is our Dad Content Creator based in South Florida.


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The Professional Stuff: 
– 2012 Quoted in NBC Latino
– Content Partnership with Mamiverse
– Named 2013 Mujeres Legendarias by Ford Motor Company
– Nominated for Social Revolucion 2013 Award
– NBC Latino Contributors
– Huffington Post Parenting Contributor

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