5 Super Easy Summer Skincare Tips for Teen Girls and Moms

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Warmer weather calls for many changes regarding our body care. The cold weather is finally behind us, and now it’s time we switch up our beauty routine to a bit lighter regimen. The extra nourishing products should be replaced with those that will handle high temperatures much easier, providing you with flawless glow and radiant skin. Here are some tips that will get your skin ready for the summer in no time.


Summer Skincare Tip #1: Alternate moisturizers

The combination of indoor climate and outdoor crispy air makes the skin dry and dull. That’s the reason why during the cold months we need to use extra nourishing moisturizers, that are creamier and thicker in consistency. However, when the weather gets warmer, our skin doesn’t need as much moisture as during the winter months. Therefore, switch from ultra-moisturizing lotions and creams to lightweight formulas in order to help the skin adjust to a more pleasant and warmer weather. What’s more, a serum can be a good alternative to moisturizers since it will prevent makeup from creasing and caking. It’s still going to hydrate the skin, but it won’t feel too heavy on the face.

Summer Skincare Tip #2: Change makeup products

Makeup products you use during winter contain a much heavier formula, so it’s time to go for something less heavyweight. Adjust your makeup products according to climate, and forget about full coverage foundation. They’re too thick and heavy for warm weather since you’re going to sweat much more. Instead, pick a BB cream or a lightweight foundation and apply a translucent powder over it. With these products, your skin will breathe and you won’t end up with the oily glow, looking like a wax figure about to melt down completely.

A tinted moisturizer can also be a good choice, but look for the one with a built-in SPF factor. With a high-quality primer, your foundation will stay longer on your skin, and provide you with a fresh look all day long. Invest in the one with glycerine for a flawless summer look.


Blush has looked amazing during the winter months, giving you those rosy cheeks for a perfect winter look. However, when summer begins, we’re all looking for that gorgeous sun-kissed look, and that’s the time when you should forget about the blush. Use a gentle shimmering bronzer on top of your cheekbones and just below the jawline to warm up the contours of the face.

Summer Skincare Tip #3: Include a better SPF protection

Only with top-rated skin care products will you be able to keep your skin glowing and fresh during summer. Therefore, make sure you invest in products that contain SPF, so that you can protect your skin from harmful UV rays, while keeping it flawless. Look for BB creams, foundations and moisturizers with a high SPF factor for as better protection as possible. This way you won’t have to apply a sunscreen before you go out, since you’ll have 2in1 protection.

Summer Skincare Tip #4: Switch cleansers

A hydrating face wash is perfect for winter, but summer calls for a different kind of cleanser. A more purifying oil-absorbing cleanser is a much better choice for warm weather. The ones with sodium laurel sulphate will be too invasive, so try to avoid them. Cleansers with resveratrol, healing silver ions, and salicylic acid will clarify, brighten and detox the skin perfectly, so be sure to stock up on those skin care products. Foaming cleansers with antibacterial ingredients can also be a good choice, since they will help you avoid breakouts.

sunlight on girls face

Summer Skincare Tip #5: Don’t forget about antioxidants

According to skin care experts, adding antioxidants into summer skin care is essential. They’ll replenish the skin exposed to the sun. What’s more, incorporate a skin care serum rich in antioxidants to protect the skin during summer, and prevent any damage. Many environmental factors can be bad for the skin and antioxidants will successfully prevent any damage and keep the skin glowing.

Final thoughts

With the change of seasons, consider switching your skin care regimen. The rich and heavy formulas you applied during the crispy cold months will be too much in the summer, so it’s time to switch to more suitable products. Use lightweight moisturizers and makeup products, switch cleansers, always apply moisturizers and makeup containing SPF factor and antioxidants.

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