[Shopping] 27 Teen Skincare Essentials Perfect for Back to School You Can Buy Online

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This is part of a sponsored campaign with Neutrogena. As always, all expressions are ours.

The fifteen-year old girls now are not the same fifteen-year olds back in our time. Millenial parents have to do with it, but also the fact that these teens were born with the YouTube culture. The YouTuber subculture to be exact.

Young girls are learning about makeup and beauty training much faster – and in greater detail – than our caring mothers could have ever could provide us.

They like trying new products and following their fave YouTubers makeup routines, but sometimes glittery shadow can be MUUCH funner to watch than a cleansing night routine, so its the mom & grandma’s job to enphasize the importance of not only makeup – but also skincare.

We recommend: The Best Makeup Tips for Teen and Tween Girls

We partnered with our friends at Neutrogena to bring a series of resources on early skincare education for moms tias and grandmas – who can then pass along to their tween and teen girls so all ages can enjoy healthy beautiful skin.

Below we have curated a back to school shopping list for the teen princess of the house. There’s no way anyone can possibly own so many products, but the idea is to pick and choose were your skin is needing much attention…..but make sure you do cover the basics: cleansing, sun protection & moisturizing.

Just browse, click and shop directly in the e-retailer. Cool, right? Happy shopping!

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