Conversations with my 8 year old: I AM SAFE MOMMY! This is ridiculous!!!

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Adrianna Foster, one of our parent contributors, has like many of us been home with her daughter for several days. A few weeks ago at the beginning of this pandemic which now seems so very long ago Adrianna shared how her daughter Maya found the rainbow and shared some wisdom with us all. Click HERE to read the story.

Below Adrianna shared her most recent conversation with her 8 year old.

(She comes frustrated into the living room):

Maya: Mom… can I hang these signs outside??

Me: which signs???

Maya: (Frustrated she shows me the signs) THESE MOMMY.. I made them!!!! Maybe if people see them they will talk about it and Trump will decided that the quarantine is over and we can all go back to normal life!! 

Me: 😞 I think is a great idea baby but I doubt that Trump will reopen the schools, it’s for our safety…

Maya: I AM SAFE MOMMY! This is ridiculous!!! I BELIEVE I CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE so PLEASE let me hang them outside!!!!!!!!!!!! MIRACLES CAN HAPPEN! 

😍I love this child….

And I said yes…. 

So now if you come to my house you will clearly see what my 8 year old thinks about the government choices of this quarantine haha and you never know… maybe a miracle will happen 🙏🏼❤️

We like Maya believe in the miracles taking place during this craziness that we are now referring to as “The New Normal.” How have you and your child addressed the quarantine? Have you been able to adjust? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. We would love to hear from you.

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