Fall Hair Trend for Tweens & Moms – Braids

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At some point, it no longer became “cool” for me to braid my daughter’s hair.  She wanted to style it herself and decided braids were for babies.  But just as summer was ending, I noticed braids making their way back into her repertoire of hair styles.  She learned how to create a french braid by watching a YouTube video and has been experimenting with different looks.

It turns out, she’s ahead of the trend.  If the New York Fashion Week runways are a sign, braided hair is making a strong come back.  And, its not just for tweens. Braids are perfect for replacing the tired pony tail all of us tween moms sport.  They take just a few more minutes to create and can go from dressed-down to dressed-up.  And, you don’t have to have long hair to rock a braid.

Here are two easy styles that can work for any hair length:

Double French Braid

Get The Look: 80’s Inspired Double French Braid by Esther Langham for Kenneth Cole using Alterna Haircare Products

  •  Spray with texture mist and run volumizing mousse through wet hair
  • Blow dry hair strait starting from the roots and straighten any loose waves
  • Start a french braid from the center part and braid all the way down along the sides of the head
  • Finish with an extra hold hair spray and polishing serum

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Get The Look: Tousled Braid by John Barrett for Holmes & Yang using Alterna Haircare Products

  • Prep hair with CC cream by applying a quarter size throughout sections of your hair
  • Follow with dry shampoo by spraying a liberal amount throughout the scalp texturing the hair to create a base
  • For extra wavy texture spray with waves spray and from mid-section of hair towards the ends
  • Spray uplifting root blasst at the ends of roots while sectioning hair and using a blow dryer aiming towards the scalp to hold the lift.
  • Wrap one 1-inche section around a 1 1/2 curling iron and hold for 15 seconds, curl entire head.
  • Shake curls with fingers, the messier the better
  • Scrunch with waves spray
  • Push hair to deep side part then start french braiding from nape of the neck twisting and adding sections to the braid until you reach the opposite ear
  • Secure with clear plastic
  • Twist and tuck underneath by pinning in place with bobby pins.
  • Pull out a few strands near the face and finish with dry oil for a boost of shine

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