[#Shopping] 12 of the Coolest Non-Costume Halloween Options for Boys & Girls

Not the costume type? No biggie! In this edition of our #Shopping series, we have curated the 12 most fashionable Halloween-inspired clothes we could find online. Your teen and tween – or you – will still be in the Halloween spirit without the funny or scary part 🙂 What’s our #Shopping series? We love shopping […]

[#Shopping] Tell Your Summer Story with Custom Jewelry from Origami Owl

The summer is officially here! What better way to show your enthusiasm for beach and pool days than by rocking bracelets and necklaces that not only show your style, but also showcase YOUR story? Yes… offers you just that and we have a Los Tweens & Teens code! Details below. Aside from allowing teens, tweens, […]

[FOTOS] 13 fabulosos “looks” de nuestra mami-fashionista favorita, Jennifer Lopez, en American Idol XIV

por: Anllelic Lozada, M.S. “Tia-in-Charge,” Los Tweens & Teens La “super-latina” Jennifer López no sólo es cantante, actriz, empresaria y madre de gemelos, pero también es una de las “top” fashionistas en el mundo. Como una de las jueces del famoso programa de talento, American Idol, ella brilla todas las semanas con un nuevo estilo […]