Ford Driving Skills for Life at Palmer Trinity School

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Driving safety has always been a priority for us, for that reason we are proud supporters of Ford and their Driving Skills for Life initiatives. We have been granted the opportunity to partner with Ford and several local organizations and schools in the past. Most recently we partnered with Palmer Trinity School in Palmetto Bay, Florida to bring Ford’s Drunk Simulator to their campus.

The interactive presentation and program teaches newly licensed teen drivers the necessary skills for safe driving beyond what they learn in the standard driver’s education programs.

After a short presentation, the students at Palmer Trinity School were able to experience the Ford Drunk Simulator, a weighted “suit” created by Ford and their team of scientist to simulate a drunk and/or impaired episode. Eagerly, the group of sophomores joked with each other, going as far as placing bets on who would be able to “walk the line.”

All jokes aside the sophomore class quickly realized the affects of driving impaired. Driving impaired or distracted is the leading cause of death among teenage drivers; those at Palmer Trinity School learned that it was never the right option.

After they experienced the “suit” for themselves the participating students were encouraged to take the Ford Driving Skills for Life Pledge: agreeing to adhere to the pledge.

If you want your teen to take the pledge as well please visit: or email us at

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