[Video] A Sneak Peak Amazon’s Kids Series “AnneDroids” Season 3

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This is part of a sponsored program with “Annedroids” but as always, expressions are our own.

Parents of older kids are faced with having few TV and Internet content options around edutainment (an experience that combines both education & entertainment). So when a kids show like “Annedroids” appears, parents of tweens can feel good about allowing more ‘screen time’ since there is learning involved as well.

There is much talk around STEM education, especially as it relates to increasing learning opportunities for girls and multicultural children. Annedroids is an Emmy-nominated scripted sitcom that combines how science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) can inspire children to do great things, which is a message that our team really appreciated. The series is coming back for a third season on Amazon’s Prime Video service on June 24th.

The timing is just perfect during the no-school summer months when kids ‘just wanna have fun.’ They can be entertained and learn something without ever knowing!

We really appreciated the series’ focus on girls. While the programming is a great companion for STEM-related curriculum in elementary school grades, “Annedroids” also includes “Anne,” a young female scientist as its female role model – still a rarety in kids shows (and in Hollywood in general).

Since Amazon Prime gave us a sneek peak at the new season before its debut on June 24th, we asked our Los Tweens & Teens teen reporters, twins Sophia & Olivia (@sophlivia_twins on Instagram) to share their thoughts. Watch video below:

The series is geared toward kids between ages 8-12 and that’s just right according to Sophia and Olivia! Annedroids was created by Emmy Award-winning producer/director J.J. Johnson (Dino Dan) and Sinking Ship Entertainment (Odd Squad) and is a live-action adventure series.

Parents can feel good about encouraging their kids to watch Anne and her friends and the android assistants she’s created, make amazing scientific discoveries. But the cute angle is that they can achieve these major tasks while still having to do one important thing-  grow up and enjoy life too. Be sure to tune in and share your own thoughts with us below!


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