Keeping your perspective clear – tips from teen beauty contestant and Miss Universe Puerto Rico Danna Hernandez (VIDEO)

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During these trying times our team has worked tirelessly to bring you content and programs that facilitate your way of life. We recently partnered with beauty queen and former Miss Universe contestant for Puerto Rico Danna Hernandez as part of our Facebook LIVE Series.

As part of the series our founder Cristy sat down with Danna Hernández, for a Facebook LIVE; were they discussed the “new normal.” Danna openly shared her tips on transforming your day to day routine and rewiring your perspective.

As we transform our day to day routines and shift to the new normal we encourage you to stay positive, support others, extend a helping hand, and remind your teens and tweens that this to shall pass.

Let us know in the comments below what has been the most switch you and your household have had to make during these times, we would love to discuss them together.

Click HERE to watch the Facebook LIVE!

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