Los juegos- Family Game Night a los tweens

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Family Game Reviews

“Hedbanz” by www.spinmaster.com

When asked by friends what my girls would like for their birthday, I answered a number of them with “board games.” This was my request and less from the girls but it worked out nicely. I feel we spend too much time playing online or with gaming consoles and not enough with just each other sitting around a table. And it’s our fault (my husband and I as parents) because the other options seem like they’re more fun and trendy but our recent experience reintroducing board games proves otherwise!

One of the birthday gifts they received was Hedbanz. A simple guessing game that is played by selecting a card (without seeing the object on the other side), placing it on your ‘headband’ (which you can’t see) and then asking the other players questions that allow you to guess your object. Objects to guess include animals (parrot, goat, birds, dogs, cow, etc) or household items like toaster, refrigerator, jump rope, bicycle and more. The catch? There is a small hourglass that times your questions and their answers to help you guess your object.  As the time runs down the questions and answers get louder and funnier!

Just recently my girls took the game over to their primos’ home where they are much older- 19, 24, 25 and the “tias” who are over 50! You could here the laughter outside the house as they played. And more of us continued going over to watch them play and have fun. Exactly what a family gathering ought to have- giggling and playing!

It’s a simple reminder that enjoying each other’s company can come without a lot of technology. Take a step back sometimes and just enjoy a game. Now I have to turn off my computer!

Saludos, Cristy


NOTE: The Hedbanz game was a family gift and not at all associated with the manufacturer or brand. This is an unsolicited post.


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