[VIDEO] Celebrate Moms of Tweens- Las Madres de Los Tweens

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aaayyyyaaaaa- Can you hear the song.. “Canta y no llores” – Sing and don’t cry Moms of Tweens!

What do Tween moms most likely have in common? Stress and smiles! Kids ages 7-12 require our attention at an amazing pace. You hear the Abuelas and voices of experience refer to newborns and teenagers as the ’tough years.’ But los tweens are quite the handful. At this age they’re facing so many changes. Puberty alone makes them crazy, bullying is a major worry and the schoolwork (and PROJECTS!!) makes us parents crazy!

Above all the issues that accompany this age segment is the amount of fun they can be. I laugh with my girls every day- we cry, we talk and we have fun together. Everyone told me that the ‘terrible 2s’ would be filled with ‘why’s’ – they must be kidding! These days I typically here:

–          But why?

–          Why are we doing that?

–          But why are we going there?

–          But why are you yelling at me?

–          But why is my teacher so mean?

–          But why is my life so hard?

–          But why do I HAVE to do homework?

I could go on. But thru all of it, I can’t remember enjoying them more. Maybe it’s because more than ever my own madre’s words are coming true- “enjoy them now or soon it will be too late.”

So for this Mother’s Day we’re sharing a fun video that our tween chicas actually did for US!! Yes, we did cry when we saw it first and just had to share.  They’re sharing their amor with us. Please share your special moments from Mother’s Day or anytime with us on Facebook.

And on a personal note- here’s a photo of my girls with my ‘maaa’ as I call her and my Tias. These terrific women taught me everything I actually use daily in my life. My ‘ma’ role modeled the behavior she wanted in me and she would stop at nothing to ensure I went to school and completed my education. Katherine and I have the true blessing of having enjoyed wonderful Abuelas in our lives and we remember them daily. We’re surrounded by terrific moms impacting so many lives.

A special ‘te quiero’ and FELICIDADES to the Tias, primas, amigas and all of you- our reader/supporter moms.. Cheers to us!!


– Cristy



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