Oprah Inspires to Live “The Life You Want”

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Los Tweens & Teens team was provided complimentary tickets to the Oprah “The Life You Want” Tour with Olay. However all opinions certainly are our own.

Our Los Tweens team was recently invited to attend Oprah’s ‘The Life You Want’ tour with event sponsor Olay. Watching Oprah tell her personal story in her own words for nearly two hours was impressive. She paused at times to share her top line tips but mostly to get the audience to think about their own lives and goals. She had participants ponder whether they’re doing enough to pursue their passions and dreams. At that moment I understood why the Olay brand that has been supporting women to be strong and beautiful for years would align itself with Oprah’s mission.

Oprah stage

View from the Olay Suite in Miami for the Oprah “Life You Want” Tour


Throughout the night Oprah gave so many memorable quotes but there were two that really stood out for me. I want to share them with you as they are particularly good for parents of tweens and teens:

  • It is better to live an imperfect life than to live a perfect imitation of someone else’s life.
  • What is your place in the world?

So let’s talk about the first one… do you personally try to be as perfect as you can for your family? Working hard, helping with homework, managing the casa, etc? Do you think about what others have and want to be more like them? Do you ever give yourself a break? There is so much in that quote that got me thinking about my own life, but also about many of my amigas. Do we try to change ourselves to please others or our family above our own needs? It’s not an easy balance but as we’ve said in other Los Tweens posts, we are role models for our children. If we’re constantly trying to achieve something we are not, or trying to be like someone else, who are we? Are you happy and satisfied in your daily life? If our older kids are watching us, what are they learning? I believe that we convey the wrong messages to our older children when we’re not secure or satisfied in our own lives.

  • What is your place in the world?

This is a great, simple question that was posed by Oprah. Hmmmmm- what’s the answer? Depending on the day of the week or the hour of the day, it could mean something completely different. Obviously being a parent means my answer will include being a mother and raising healthy, well-balanced children as the top role in my life. But it also can mean so much more. What do you want to do? How do you want to be remembered in your community? Who’s lives outside of your family did you impact? I’m still working on my answers. I believe your place in the world changes depending on the issues you’re facing at the time, but just thinking about it is important.

Cristy reunites with awesome Chef Carla Hall at the 'O' Town 'Orgullosa' P&G Tent

Cristy reunites with awesome Chef Carla Hall at the ‘O’ Town ‘Orgullosa’ P&G Tent


The Oprah ‘‘The Life You Want’ experience with Olay inspired me to think about some of the dreams that I have walked away from and need to think about again. Once I think about it, I’ll need an action plan. Seems I have some work to do…



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