If You Are a Minority Woman in the USA, You Are at Higher Risk of These Health Issues

Major Health Disparities Minority women make up 35% of women in the United States, and by 2050 are expected to make up the majority. There are many health issues that affect women, but minority women are affected and impacted at even higher, disproportionate rates. The following are 5 that stand out the most: 1.Diabetes Diabetes is already considered […]

How I Instill a Sense of Social Responsibility in my Boys

No one is self-sufficient. We all must rely on the help of others to get through life. Our parents guide us, teachers mold us, friends influence us and heroes inspire us. When on solid footing, it is our turn to be those mentors and to assist those who might need a little hand. It doesn’t […]

My Experience with Homeless Teens as a Volunteer at the “Covenant House”

I had a picture of what a homeless teenager looked like in my mind’s eye. I’ll confess, I imagined a rough and tumble youngster made coarse by their tough circumstances. Then, I began volunteering at Covenant House Georgia, a service organization which serves the estimated 500 homeless teens who roam the streets of Atlanta on […]

How Being a “Tech Tia” Helps Me Keep the Bond with My Nephew & Niece

I share an incredible bond with my nephew, Franco (7), and his sister Miranda (3), who both live in Argentina. Technology is a very strong link in that bond. I moved with my parents to Miami, Florida from Argentina in 2004, when I was seventeen (I was a tween once!). I am the youngest of three […]

[En Español] La importancia en fomentar gratitud en los tiempos dificiles

Acostumbramos a ser agradecido cuando cosas buenas nos pasan, pero aun mas poderoso es ser agradecido aunque las cosas no van como esperabas. La idea es que, sentir gratitud es la manera mas rápida  – y una que podemos controlar – para sentir el impulso necesario para seguir adelante con la certitud que el tiempo de prueba que estás […]

Hispanic Heritage, Bicultural Parenting, and Me

Living in Miami causes me to think daily about what my Hispanic heritage means to me, to my parenting, to my children, and to the work that I do.  I have come to realize that I have had three different experiences being Hispanic in the United States. The first is as a Colombian immigrant. My […]

[VIDEO] Dear Daddy: Thank You for your Comforting Texts During my First Heartbreak

DISCLAIMER: This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Minute Maid and DiMe Media.  Minute Maid will provide this prize. Minute Maid is not a sponsor, administrator or connected in any other way with the contest – and all opinions are my own.  This Post has a Father’s Day Drawing! Dear Daddy: As an only child, I know I’m both […]

Why NOW it’s the Time To Forgive Your Dad (or Mom)

By: Dennis Sanchez Founder, Marcar Visions Marketing & Los Compadres, Modern Caballeros At an early age I experienced my parents’ sacrificial hard work and how my future would look without a proper education. “Tu eres el hombre de la familia,”(you are the man of the family) is what he would tell me, in addition to […]

Love & Sacrifice: What it’s (Really) Like for Latino Families Living in the U.S.

By: Dennis Sanchez Founder, Marcar Visions Marketing & Los Compadres, Modern Caballeros Many people ask me, “why do you put so much time and effort in the Latino community?” Others ask me, “What’s in it for you?” And my favorite, “Why do you spend so much time on something that’s not going to make you […]

Why going out of your comfort zone is great for your soul

By: Christine Gutierrez, Psychotherapist There are different types of comfort. The comfort of a delicious chai tea, foamy at the top, with just the right amount of sweetness. Reading your favorite book, curled up on a comfy couch. Cuddling your fur baby. Laughing with those you love. These comforts are comforts of truth, desire, love. […]

8 Maya Angelou Quotes for Moms

I was so saddened to hear about the passing of Maya Angelou.  She has always been and will always be one of my favorite authors.   She had at the ability to make you feel just as her characters were feeling.  She took you to the darkest places and still brought hope. Her command of the […]

The Dead Wrong Beauty Mistake You’re Making

We are Neutrogena Ambasssadors and compensated for our time.  However, all opinions expressed are our own.  I thought my beauty routine was pretty good (especially for a busy mom of three kids):  wash my face in the morning and at night, wipe it down with toner, exfoliate every other day and moisturize.  I apply sunscreen […]