[PHOTOS] A handbag that changes colors and charges your phone? Yep, there’s an app for that!

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A handbag that can allows you to match your dress? Check.

A handbag that can be synchronized to your favorite song? Check.

A handbag that recommends a lucky color based on your birthdate? Check.

A handbag that flashes when you receive a phone call? Check.

A handbag that charges your tablet or phone? Check.

It looks like the perfect bag is finally here! Made from the finest premium leather and materials, VanDerWaals created a handbag with an accompanying mobile app that gives mothers and tias the opportunity to express themselves, as well as never run out of battery on-the-go.

VanDerWaals handbags will not be ready until the fall (Christmas gift anyone??), but they are already available for pre-order through www.van-der-waals.com. Prices start at $499.

Below are pictures of the press preview that took place last Tuesday, April 21st, in New York City.  Let us know what you think below. Would you buy one, give as a gift or ask as a gift? Share your comments below.

VanDerWaals bags in press preview

VanDerWaals press preview in London Misher Public Relations in New York City

VanDerWaals bags lighted in different colors

VanDerWaals bags lighted in different colors, that are chosen via their mobile apps

custom cupcake for VanDerWaals Bags

Custom cupcakes from Lacey Cakes for VanDerWaals press preview

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