[Photos] Celebrity Hairstylist Leo Rocco’s Step-by-Step for Soft Summer Curls for Short Hair

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A whole new do, can mean a whole new you! Whether you’re contemplating a chop, or already rock a short cut, this simple hairstyle brought to you by  celebrity hairstylist Leo Rocco will become your go-to look.

Soft waves infused with the nurturing goodness of coconut, you’ll fall in love with this terrific hairstyle that’s easy to recreate at home.

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5 Steps for Effortless Summer Curls for Short Hair:

1. Wash your hair with Suave® Coconut Oil Infusion Damage Repair Shampoo & Conditioner to prep soft, silky hair. Pat dry with a small towel to remove excess water. While hair is still damp, toss your head upside down and use fingers to separate hair while blow drying. This will help maintain a loose texture.

2. Once hair is dry, separate your hair in two parts: top and bottom. Gather the top half of your hair with a hair clip so you can focus on the bottom half for now.


3.       With a curling iron, begin to gather sections of hair and shape them into loose curls. Repeat until the bottom half of your hair is fully curled. Release the top half of your hair and separate into a side part. With the curling iron again, gather sections of hair to shape them into loose curls.


4. To set hair and create a lasting shine, run Suave® Coconut Oil Infusion Damage Repair Oil Treatment through your hair.


5.       Lightly toss hair to give it texture for a natural, effortless look.



If you have lovely curls all around the year, watch this video on how to rock them during the summer:


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