[Photos] How Does Our Children’s Future Look? Recap of Ford’s “City of Tomorrow Symposium” 2017

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As a Ford partner, Los Tweens & Teens was invited to cover the forward-thinking event, along with other 11 Latino online platforms like, HoyDallas.com and AutoMobilityNews.com

Ford Motor Company and the experts who attended the “City of Tomorrow Symposium” in San Francisco on August 16th envision a more holistic, organic and inter-connected future powered by a transportation operating system and shaped by “total multi-modal mobility.”

They all agree that – in order for such a positive future, we need to challenge the present we live in.

What if a city moved with the rythms of its inhabitants?

Crowd-sourced ebikes, fully autonomous cars, an increase in electrical vehicles, more access to mass transportation and more green space could mean that cities can become safer, more productive and healthier to live in….. and easier to get around in.



The one-day event, focused conversations on three pillars:


At day’s end, we reflect on our city and our changing roles within it. In the City of Tomorrow, culture is a conversation – in public and open to all.


The day’s work begins. In the City of Tomorrow, work is not a place or obligation. It is a question. What will you build for, and with, your neighbors today?


Morning in the City of Tomorrow. We stir. Energy fuels us, but it need not come from a pump or plug. It is our food, our inspiration, our spark.

Venturing forth, we join our fellow citizens in the City’s public life. Here we explore the circulatory system of the city and its component infrastructures: not just roads and bridges, but also green spaces, town squares and everywhere in between.

What’s the opportunity for the future of cities that our children will live in?

  • No accidents
  • No emmisions
  • No congestion
  • Universal access to mobility

We’ll take that!

Check out the following photos for recap of what took place in Ford’s City of Tomorrow Symposium:

Ford’s “The City of Tomorrow Symposium 2017” took place in Fort Mason in San Francisco, California.  Photo by: Los Tweens & Teens


Marcy Klevoron, VP of Ford Innovation & Mobility, shared the welcome remarks for the event. Photo by: Los Tweens & Teens


Imagine if our transportation system behaved more like a human rather than technology and actually operated with its own instincts mechanism. This would mean that traffic lights would adjust in peak hours and pedestrians could move faster and safer.  Photo by: Los Tweens & Teens


Janette Said-Khan, Principal of Transporation at Bloomberg Associates, presented the transformative redesigns of New York City streets, including adding nearly 400 miles of bike lanes for the city’s “CitiBike” program. “73% of New Yorkers support CitiBike,” – said Janette.


Ford CEO, Jim Hackett, joined Alex McDowell in a fireside chat. Jim presicts that cities of tomorrow will include both personal vehicles and self-driving taxis. Photo by: Los Tweens & Teens


Attendees were able to participate in two “Sharing the Street” workshops where they built the city of tomorrow they envision. What was common in all the designs: more pedestrian pathways, more green space and bike lanes. Photo by Los Tweens & Teens.


Cities around the world are making power plays to meet tomorrow’s energy demands. James Ehrlich, entrepreneur in residence at Stanford University, lead a panel discussion rooted in the opportunities and risks involved in innovating our power grid (about 150+ feet of wires that deliver electricity for home and businesses) to share in a more powerful and sustainable future. Photo by: Los Tweens & Teens


The day ended with a special performance by “A Symphony of Cities,” with award-winning composer Tod Machover featuring pianist Anita Schaufelberger. Photo by: Los Tweens & Teens

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