Favorite #BJsHoliday Items

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Los Tweens was invited to attend a media luncheon and tour of the store, received gifts and a gift card as compensation for time and travel.   However all opinions expressed are 100% our own.

When my tween was born the expenses started adding up.  No one can prepare you for the amount of diapers, wipes and formula you go through in the first year.  We were lucky to have a BJs Wholesale Club a few blocks from our home.  We became members and watched the savings add up.  Eleven years and two more children later, we’ve never regretted that decision.  Although we’ve since moved and it’s a bit of a trek to get to the nearest store, I still make the trip every month.

From the fact that you can use retailer coupons along with BJs coupons to the “bonus” toys they add to their packaging which make them even greater holiday gifts, I can’t say enough about how much I love BJs during the holidays.  Here are my favorite #BJsHoliday items I go back year after year for:


  • Gift Sets: You never know when you need another gift or forgot to purchase for someone.  I always grab a few of the BJ’s gift sets and the multi-pack gift sets to have on-hand during the holidays.  They also make great teacher’s gifts!

snowman with lighsync

  • Lights and Holiday Decorations:  Of all things, my husband is a Christmas decorating fanatic and has been begging me for weeks to get the 12 foot Lightshow Snowman he saw at BJ’s.  So far, I’m holding out but I have a feeling he’ll break me down before Christmas.  From extra strands of lights to giant inflatable snowmen, BJ’s has great deals on the holiday decorations.

gift tags

  • Ribbons, Wrapping Paper and Tags: A beautifully wrapped gift is like making a great first impression.  That’s why BJ’s ribbons and tags are my absolute “must-haves” for the holiday season.  Their clothe ribbons with wiring make all gifts look absolutely gorgeous.  I buy one separate roll JUST for Santa to use on the kid’s gifts.  And everyone always asks me where I purchased the hand-made gift tags.  Each individual tag is so adorable and so much cuter than anything you can purchase at the drug store.


  • Cheese, Cheese and MORE Cheese!  If there is one thing that ALWAYS happens in my house it’s having impromptu holiday parties.  I don’t know about you but my door is always open during the holiday season.  A quick and easy holiday snack that goes with any impromptu party is cheese and BJ’s has a great selection.  From large wheels to smaller wedges, the BJ’s cheese selection is impressive.  Right now you can pick up a slate cheese board set complete with knives and chalk at your local BJ’s Wholesale Club for only $17.99.  It will make the holiday spread even more impressive!

Those are my favorite #BJsHoliday items!  What are yours?

Enjoy the season! Abrazos,



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