Make a Fun Tie-Dye Cake with Disney Theme

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I love to bake- siiii, it’s true. My Abuelo was a baker and owned a bakery in Havana and later in New York when he immigrated to the USA from Cuba in the late 6Os. So I certainly follow in his footsteps. I loved the opportunity to create a yummy tie-dye cake with Duff’s creative cake mix as part of our Los Tweens & Teens DisneySide Celebration.

Los Tweens Tie-Die Cake

I was baking with five tween & teen girls in my kitchen so it was quite crazy! I slightly edited the box recipe. I like to add some added flavoring to boxed mixes so in this case I added 1 teaspoon of Pure Almond Extract. I also use unsalted butter in place of oil. I feel these two changes make the cake my own and increases the flavor and moisture. This was the first time I used one of Duff’s cake mixes and in one word it was – FUN! It is a long process since you have to mix each color and then layer them into the cake pan.

The collage below captures the step-by-step process:


So we used our Wilton Mickey pan but we created more of a ‘panda’ look than an actual famous mouse!! I let the girls have their fun decorating our cake but the best part is that it was so delicious. We’ll have to keep trying new colors but the tie-dye certainly is a hit with the tweens and teens.

Have you created any fun cakes lately? Share them with us. You can send in photos to and we’ll share them on our social channels.

Disney Side 9

Teen girls just need to be silly!

We hosted our party following a week of school testing. Whatever your theme, letting older kids have some fun, paint nails, create their own decorations, make their own cake and even include your favorite Disney Villains is a fun way way to let go of their stress. The party doesn’t have to be big, just a few of their besties and that’s enough.

Check out fun tie-dye cake decorating ideas and go have your own baking fun!


NOTICE: Los Tweens & Teens was invited to host a #DisneySide @Home Celebration with Mom Select. We received a party kit filled with Disney-themed party items and goodies which included Duff‘s Tie-Dye Cake Mix.




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