[Product Review] New “Athleta Girl” Activewear for Girls Ages 6- 14

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Athleta_Store_Display1 (1)

New Athleta Girl display at SouthPark Mall in Charlotte, NC.

I took my rising 3rd grader, Alejandra, to check out the new line during Athleta’s launch party at SouthPark Mall in Charlotte, NC, which included a fashion show featuring the new clothing line, a free yoga class, free hair braiding, and raffle prizes.

The just-launched performance and lifestyle clothing line, Athleta Girl, is perfect for my daugher since she enjoys running and yoga…. and prefers throwing on running shorts and a T-shirt everyday.

Alejandra really enjoyed the personalized attention she received. It was a new shopping experience for her – one that customers are accustomed to when shopping at boutique-like stores.

She thought seeing her name in chalk in the fitting room was just sooo cool and she really liked that the store had a special section just for her with sporty clothes.

“I like how they have clothes that other stores don’t for girls that like fitness and sports,” she told me when I prompted her about her visit. She is keenly aware of the gap between girl and boy clothing options for active wear.

Athleta Girl

Athleta Girl Shadow Stripe Chi Rules Tank in teal ($24)

When you have a sporty girl on your hands, the active wear sections are limiting to say the least, especially when you compare it to the always-robust, filled to the brim boy’s sections.

The fabric and quality is comparable to the women’s collection and mirrors the adult styles. Price points vary, from tanks ($24-$38) and shirts ($28-$39) to shorts ($24-$34), capris ($39-$44) and pants ($44-$59).

The price tag on the hoodies seemed a little steep ($68) – I mean I wouldn’t spend that much on a hoodie for myself (yikes!).

These prices are much more expensive when you compare similar active wear for girls at their sister brands Old Navy and Gap. If you spend the extra money, you will notice the difference in quality and durability at Athleta.

After trying on a few outfits, my kiddo walked away with a new green tank ($24) and multicolored shorts ($36).

Yes, I know that I could have gotten a similar outfit much cheaper on a #TargetRun, but I decided to splurge a bit. It was hard not to go over board and buy those really expensive yoga pants for her.

One missed opportunity: no matching designs for mommy.

But, I’m sure it is only a matter of time before they offer matchy-matchy outfits for Mama Bear and Cub. Time to save up for our next trip to the store for our #Twinsies active wear.

Well, assuming my daughter even wants to match me anymore 🙂


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