Rethinking Mom’s Beauty Advice and Unseen Acne

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Disclaimer: I was provided products for review purposes and compensated for my time.  However, all opinions expressed are my own. 


Chocolate, oily foods, not washing your face the day before, touching your face too much, we’ve all heard these and other reasons/myths when our faces break out.  They’ve been passed on to us from our moms, tias and abuelas.  It’s hard to rethink what our the women before us have taught us about beauty but it’s time to start doing so.

I only recently found out that the biggest myth I believed in (and I bet many of you do too) is that acne is caused by something you did or didn’t do the day or a few days before.  According to new research from our friends at Neutrogena, acne starts in your pores six to eight months before you ever see it.  They’ve named it “unseen acne.”

Out of full disclosure, here is my unseen acne! UGH!

Out of full disclosure, here is my unseen acne! UGH!

Thanks to their new camera technology, I also learned that I have lots of clogged pores!  My first reaction was, “How do I get rid of it now!”  Dr. Janelle Vega explained that there is no cure for unseen acne.  The only way to treat it is by proper cleansing.  While this was not the answer I was looking for, I did understand that preventing acne is the best way to treat it.

So how do you treat unseen acne?  

Use a facial cleanser or foaming scrub and uses it regularly.  Make your facial cleanser your best friend that you want to wake up and visit every morning and every evening.  And, mix it up a bit.  I like to use Neutrogena’s Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit line in the spring and summer.  The refreshing citrus smell gets me ready for the day and reminds me that the warmer months are here.   Try the cleanser or the foaming scrub.

Use cleansing wipes when you can’t get in a good scrub.  Whether it’s a late night chasing around the kids and you just can’t muster up the energy to get out of bed or a camping trip that leaves you with limited resources, Neutrogena’s cleansing wipes are a must.  Wipe, toss and go.  The wipes are available in the pink grapefruit scent as well!

Don’t forget to moisturize.  While all of that washing will leave your pores clean, it will leave your skin dry.  Be sure to moisturize morning and night.  As you can see in my photo, I have way too many sun spots so my moisturizer has to have SPF in it.  I’ve been trying the Neutrogena Visibly Even BB Cream which works as a moisturizer and has SPF 30 and I LOVE it!  If you like a BB cream it’s a must try.

Fight the unseen acne and you just might never see it appear!


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