Review of the New Nissan Pathfinder

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We were recently invited by Nissan to the “Nissan Next” event at the Miami International Auto Show to check out and test drive the new 2013 Pathfinder.  I can honestly say I’ve never owned a Nissan so I was interested in checking out the vehicle.  While I’m a current minivan driver, I’ve NEVER been a huge fan, I’m much more of an SUV enthusiast but haven’t found the space I need in them.

The Pathfinder has some unique features that pleasantly surprised me. First – it doesn’t scream “mom” when you look at it! This is a car you can drive on your own or fill with your family – either way it has a sleek design. The tweens described the vehicle as “super cool looking’ which is translation for liking it. The “Latch and Glide Seat” is one of the best features for families with children of various ages.  It allows you to move the seat forward to access the third row and not having to remove an installed infant car seat.


The all-new Pathfinder has some unique features for families or just drivers!


Of course, the tweens stop being interested in the car features once they saw the video system.  That’s all that matters about a car to them.  The Tri-Zone Entertainment system has a two-zone video feature which allows for viewing two different movies.  I’ve seen this feature more in the minivan category than in SUV styles so its a nice upgrade. The option of two video choices can save MUCHO arguing on long road trips. Parents or drivers can then enjoy the ‘front zone’ radio features without being forced to hear the movies from the back.

The best feeling that I got from the Pathfinder really was that it simply was stylish and as I said, not specifically suggesting that it’s a family vehicle. The car would be great for people who like to hike, bike, camp, etc. as it has much room and can still manage rough terrain with its engine features. Our Dad of Los Tweens rather enjoyed it. He test drove the car and liked the smooth ride.

If you would like to see the new Pathfinder directly and check out the overall vehicle experience, please visit:

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DISCLOSURE: This is part of a compensated program with Latina Mom Bloggers and Nissan. However, all opinions are certainly my own.

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