Shoe Made For You – Therafit Review

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Cristy and Katherine review Therafit Shoes.


Cristy’s review: 


First statement should be- I hate sneakers.  If you know that, you know my mind set. I detest white sneakers and I particularly hate that my feet get hot and they’re often too heavy which bothers my back. When I heard about Therafit shoes during Social Media Week Miami I was curious and agreed to receive a pair to try them out. I was skeptical at best.

I was already in a better mood when I saw they come in a variety of colors. So I tried out the black-and-white model. I was pleasantly surprised. They must be the lightest sneaker/athletic shoe I’ve ever worn. I recently wore them for hours shopping for bathroom tile and I was in love. Honestly. I barely know I’m wearing sneakers. They’re also less bulky and narrower than other sneakers- this  makes your outfit already look better! Especially if you’d like to wear sneakers, but don’t want to go out in your sweat pants.

My mom is driving me crazy to help her shop online for a pair. Luckily since my feet are bigger so she can’t take mine! Here’s the site to check out Therfit shoes. I’m glad I tried them as it will be hard to ever switch brands again.





Katherine talking to group of Girl Scouts wearing Therafit  Sneakers

Katherine talking to group of Girl Scouts wearing Therafit Sneakers

Katherine’s review:

If Cristy hates sneakers then I loathe them.  The look, the feel, the hot and stickiness…can you tell I’m from Miami and wear sandals almost year round?  So when we were approached by Therafit, I was completely honest.  I told them up front of my dislike for sneakers but Jennifer from Therafit promised me they’d change my mind…and they did!

I picked the bright and ultra-fab red sneaker and decided to try them out for the first time at an all-day Girl Scout outing.  My usual pair of sneakers – a name-brand pair – leaves me feet aching after a long day of wear.  Not so with Therafit!  I was pleasantly shocked.  After standing and chasing tween girls all day my feet didn’t bother me at all neither did my back.

Therafit shoes are designed specifically for women.  The construction of these sneakers promotes correct posture – which explains why my back didn’t hurt either.  They also have adjustable support levels so you can pick and choose which amount of support is right for you.  I am also a HUGE fan of their “One Step Forward Giving” campaign where a donation is made for each pair of shoes sold.






For more information on Therafit, visit their web site and Facebook page.



The Los Tweens team of Katherine and Cristy were provided a complimentary pair of Therafit Shoes. All opinions certainly are their own. 

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