[Shopping] 50 Grooming Gifts to Keep Dad Looking and Smelling Fresh

When we think gifts for dad or husband, the usual suspects come to mind: the socks, briefs, ties & tools. But, the reality is that they ALSO like staying fresh and clean. And why not giving them a gift so they can pamper themselves?

Below we curated 50 of our favorite grooming items that will surely make the super hero of the house proud and manly. Just click on the image to buy directly from the e-commerce site. Happy shopping!

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Anllelic Lozada

Anllelic Lozada “Angie” is a proud P.A.N.K (professional aunt with no kids), a Personal Marketing Strategist in NYC and Los Tweens & Teens “Tia-in-Charge,” based in New York City. Anllelic wants you to best your best life so you can positively influence your tween and teen. Subscribe to her weekly e-newsletter in Spanish in marketingparatucarrera.com/Vendete, where she shares personal marketing strategies to help you “Comunicar lo genial que eres.”

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