[Video] Teen Spirit Movie Review (+ Tickets Giveaway!)


First things first… what was our reaction after screening the Teen Spirit movie? Pleasantly surprised is the answer.

The story of ‘Violet’ played by Elle Fanning, a shy teen girl with musical aspirations living in a small British town, becomes much more in-depth than assumed by the movie trailers. I believe the audience goes into the film thinking it’s going to be a longer version of American Idol or some sort of talent show and you’re quickly drawn into her personality, struggle, plot twists and more important, her stressed situation with her single mom. Her story collides with that of an opera singer turned unemployed alcoholic and carries the audience into the world of talent auditions and potentially lucrative music deals with a side story of European cultures and fantastic music.

Our teen (and mom!) movie reviewer team actually really connected with the film’s music and we particularly liked the almost documentary styled cinematography and movie making style.

Check out the video below for more observations and be sure to see Teen Spirit with your older kids, it’s a great conversation starter.  And we have an exciting movie ticket giveaway to get you to the movies for free! See below!

Teen Spirit Movie Giveaway!

Cristy Clavijo-Kish

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