Teens Exploring Tech Opens “The Cube v 2.0” in Los Angeles

Teens at one of TXT "Kids Hackerthons"

Teens exploring tech at one of TXT “Kids Hackerthons”

“Teens Exploring Technology (TXT),” a non-profit that uses coding to turn teens of color into tech leaders, relocated  “The Cube” to a new and improved headquarters and hackerspace in South Los Angeles on Nov 4th.

“The Cube V 2.0” will be a place for community members to “Lead, Innovate, and Learn” together young men of color betwwen the 7th and 11th grade who are from low income communities.

Guests at “The Cube V2.0” will experience virtual reality with TXT’s Oculus Rift simulator, to be given an introductory look in to the world of front-end development, and to familiarize themselves with and immerse themselves in South LA’s next innovation lab.

Would you like to the grand opening of “The Cube v2.0” Nov 4th in Los Angeles?  You can register on Eventbrite:

Would like to be involved? TXT has compiled an Amazon wish list of items and amenities we think would be great to have. If you or someone you know would like to contribute, please contact us at info@urbantxt.com !

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