The World is a Little Scary: Advice from an 8 Year Old

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Adrianna Foster, one of our parent contributors, has like many of us been home with her daughter for several days. In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic her daughter Maya found the rainbow and shared some wisdom with us all.

Below Adrianna shared the conversation she had with her 8 year old.

I walk into the living room and I see her lying on the couch upside down… 

Me: Maya what are you doing??
Maya: watching the world upside down.. 
me: oh ok! Why are you doing that?
Maya: because change sometimes can be scary, it’s not the normal things we do, so maybe if I see it differently I will be less scared….

Me…. great point…. can I join you??…
Maya: SURE….

So I did…. she was right!!!

During all of this crazy take a minute to listen to the advice of an 8 year old; you might found out that the world is less scary if you view it differently.

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