[Video] Our First-time Visit to the North American International Auto Show Stirs the Dads

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Ford unveilved a couple of beauties, including the new Ford Raptor truck, perfect for dads.

As a car lover I have visited many auto events from cars shows to races and special vehicle unveilings but my first-time visit to the North American International Auto Show was unmatched. What was more surprising was the amount of texts and calls from the dads in my life wondering why I didn’t invite and take them with me?!

While I had heard about the NAIAS, I had no idea what to really expect. Of course the men told me all about it comparing it to the top shows in Europe and ‘the place to see all the auto trends in one place.” They were right.

I had the pleasure of traveling to NAIAS with Ford so there were many opportunities to not only experience the latest models but really get to the know the research and history that is fundamental to engineering new features found in 2016 models and beyond.IMG_8332 (1)

Ford is all about implementing the latest trends in their vehicle line. The latest F-150 has a parking-assist system that allows you to tow and actually park major loads including boats while the Explorer boasts a design built for major family storage for long road trips- even across Canada and the USA!

Check out our highlights video from the 2016 NAIAS in Detroit:

The trend that I thought was the most interesting to understand was all about autonomous vehicles- cars that drive themselves. To attend an auto show and see trends about driving but not driving was so unique.

Ford really blew away the reports surrounding autonomous vehicles as the company’s testing on the trendy Fusion was actually performed in winter conditions including ice. The thought of a car driving itself even in a cold climate is the stuff of futuristic movies and so exciting to see.

The 2016 C-Max is a top Ford ‘green’ vehicle built with latest technology and fuel-saving options. And it’s roomy for a college student or a young family.

The men really were hovering all around the Ford F-150 Raptor model- what a crowd favorite. There was more testosterone surrounding the 2016 Raptor than perhaps in a locker room but I’m sure plenty of women and families would love to drive one as well!

I love classic cars so seeing my all-time favorite Mustang from the 60’s as well as the 2016 jaw dropper was fun. In case you didn’t know, I actually drove my 2000 Mustang until I was nearly 8 months pregnant with twins! The model doesn’t really matter, it is one of my all-time favorite cars.

Mustang is among my favorite cars of all time and the 2016 model will not disappoint.
Mustang is among my favorite cars of all time and the 2016 model will not disappoint.

The experience of attending the NAIAS will stay with me and I will be even better prepared for the next one – I’m sure I’ll have to bring a Dad date or two. You can check out all the latest trends at Ford dealers nationwide.

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15 Replies to “[Video] Our First-time Visit to the North American International Auto Show Stirs the Dads”

  1. Hi Cristy,
    The 2016 NAIAS was a really good show and it was great that we got to spend some time together. I’ll tell you the truth I’ve always liked the Ford Expeditions, I’ve had 4 of them and have great memories traveling every where with the family and friends. But now that my son is in college I am definitely contemplating getting the 2016 Fusion, it’s beautiful and it’s technology is up to date with rear view camera, SYNC with Ford touch, park assistance, Navigation with SiriusXM traffic & travel link and many other features that would just make my life a little better. My son loves the Ford Mustang, he liked then from the first time he saw one when he was 7 years old, I might just get him one when he graduates. Hope to see you soon. Take care and give the twins a kiss from Titi Linda.

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    3. Just found your blog and it is so warm and welcoming. Your pictures are beautiful. You have done a wonderful job. We are having Thanksgiving, but I’m already started to sneak a few Christmas decorations up. Thanks for the inspiration.

    4. Wow. I am looking through all the pictures. What an amazing job Drew did. A beautiful wedding with timeless memories captured perfectly. I love all the pictures have fun picking them out.

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