[VIDEO] Michelle Obama Launches BetterMakeRoom.org to Help Teens’s College Process

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As part of her Reach Higher initiative, the First Lady is announcing a new public awareness campaign, Better Make Room, to target Generation Z, or young people ages 14-19, to celebrate education, change the national conversation, and reach students directly where they are and give them a space to create content while also navigating the college-going process.

This campaign will leverage traditional and new media platforms to celebrate student stories in the same way that we often celebrate celebrities and athletes. With partners in the business, philanthropic, media, and education realm, this campaign will stretch across the country to inspire students and give them the tools they need to reach higher for college.

What teens can find in BetterMakeRoom.org?

In an info-jammed world where fame means followers, likes and reposts, BetterMakeRoom.org brings celebrities and influencers to the platforms that today give star power to their peers: those without the traditional luck or talent of some of today’s biggest stars.

BetterMakeRoom.org celebrates students. It acknowledges that things aren’t easy. It elevates their stories, their bravado, and hard work to new heights. It tells their stories through a lens normally reserved for sports stars and celebrities.

BetterMakeRoom.org says that students reaching toward higher education deserve equal praise and adoration. Through an integration of celebrities, peers, influencers, and partners who step outside their own accomplishments to lift up those of another, the campaign gives achievement, smarts, conquest and reaching higher the spotlight they deserve.

BetterMakeRoom.org highlights the possibility of a better education, a better career, and a better future.

The campaign does this while also making sure that young people understand the steps, tools and resources available to help them Reach Higher, such as registering for the SAT and ACT, visiting a college campus, filling out FAFSA, and completing at least four college applications.  

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