Want to Preserve & Share Parenting Memories Privately? There’s an App for That!

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First Smile is great for saving baby memories, as well as tweens & teens'...and is FREE!

First Smile is great for saving baby memories, as well as tweens & teens’…and is FREE!

First Smile created by Skyztree, a Malaysia-based app development startup co-founded by Loi Hui Lye, Sean Lee and Michael Lew; hopes to bring happiness to the parenting community.

Parents that are afraid of missing out their child’s development milestones or feel guilty about spamming social media with their child’s photo can now have a more private and effective alternative to preserve those memories, with the new mobile scrapbook applications called First Smile.

Loi, who is a dad himself, envisioned the idea when he had his first daughter. He wishes to preserve all the parenting memories with his firstborn without the risk of losing them. Let’s face it, how many of us have lost precious photos just because we lost our devices?

With First Smile, parents can organize and manage thousands of photos and videos in chronological order; and these memories created are safely stored and backed up in the world’s largest cloud infrastructure to protect parents from losing those precious data.

Of course, for parents that want to share their exciting parenting experience with other parents, friends and family can do so without spamming social media instead using First Smile. With the rising issue of Sharenting, privacy hasbecome a valuable aspect when it comes to sharing memories.

Sharenting is a term used to describe the overuse of social media by parents to share information based on their children. Some parents will have a tendency to get a little carried away and flood social media of the pictures of their child; some with embarrassing information.

This practice can be a threat to both the parents and child because someone might find out private information about the family, thus putting the child at risk. Another major problem with Sharenting is that it could affect the children’s self-esteem when they grow up.

Parents often neglect the fact that what seems appropriate now may not be appropriate in 10 years’ time, by sharing embarrassing information publicly might risk the child being bullied in the future.

With First Smile, parents can avoid all issues regarding Sharenting because parents can have the freedom to choose who they want to share these memories with. On top of that, by adding family members to their child’s profile, friends and family can also contribute to the child’s timeline.

So even if you’re not physically there, this app will help you chronicle those memories so you will never miss a moment.

This easy sharing function will eventually bring friends and family closer, which is why 70% of the existing users will most likely recommend First Smile to their loved ones so they can also be part of the amazing parenting journey.

The app is very user-friendly with its smooth interface and cute mascots, for parents it will be very easy to learn how to use First SmileThe team is constantly improving and it’s currently working on several functions to greatly enhance parents experience with the app.

This app is not only designed as a media organizer, but it is also a private social network and memory bank with a strong emotional connection that keeps safe and preserves the most previous memories of all friends and families. First Smile is free to use, available on Apple AppStore and Google Play.

It is truly an app created for parents by parents, First Smile knows what really matters about preserving and sharing memories. This app will bring smiles to parents all around the world.

To date, the company behind First Smile has raised a total amount of $500,000 in pre-seed round funding from Ace Investment, Macromac Ventures and angel investors.

Source: PR Newswire


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