Author: Cristy Clavijo-Kish

[Video] Teen Spirit Movie Review (+ Tickets Giveaway!)

*** SCROLL DOWN FOR GIVEAWAY*** First things first… what was our reaction after screening the Teen Spirit movie? Pleasantly surprised is the answer. The story of ‘Violet’ played by Elle Fanning, a shy teen girl with musical aspirations living in a small British town, becomes much more in-depth than assumed by the movie trailers. I […]

[Video] 7 Facts About 2016-2017 Florida Prepaid College Plans (and Promo Code Inside!)

If I am passionate about anything, it’s an education for all our youth because education levels the playing field and allows us all the opportunity to compete in life. Our Los Tweens & Teens team is excited to share important information for Florida families about higher education being more accessible than ever! We recommed: College […]

Travel Tips for EPCOT Food & Wine Festival

The EPCOT Food & Wine Festival marks its 21st anniversary and is one of my favorite seasonal festivals at Walt Disney World in Orlando. The festival is a great opportunity for adults to enjoy a fun getaway to Walt Disney World on their own. And yet, it also is a wonderful opportunity to share the […]

Join Us for the Milk Life #herencialeche Twitter Party

This is part of a sponsored campaign with DiMe Media & milk life, all opinions are approved by this platform.  It’s no secret that Latinos love ‘leche’ – from ‘arroz con leche’ to a liquado or the beloved ‘café con leche’ many Latino recipes include milk. In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, the Milk Life […]

Abuela’s Number One Skincare Tip for You and Your Teen (with Neutrogena Giveaway!)

This is part of a partnership with Neutrogena, but as always, all expressions are ours. **GIVEAWAY BELOW** To find reasons to wear consistent sunscreen and sun protection, especially throughout the hot summer months, I only need to remember my abuelita’s skin. It was beautiful, even at 87 when she passed. And surprisingly, she lived for […]

[Video] 7 Ideas to Influence Tweens & Teens to Care for the Environment

As kids age there is no denying that they look to the adults in their lives as true examples of behavior, habits, ideas, beliefs, etc. Demonstrating care for our environment by showing how to make their own small impact is ESSENTIAL at this point. You can’t keep putting it off or assuming that they’ll learn […]

Latest Products to Help Your Tweens & Teens Manage Acne Breakouts (Giveaway Inside!)

We partnered with Neutrogena for this post, but as always, expressions are ours. We have brought you lots of content about acne because unfortunately our tweens and teens can start suffering from acne breakouts as early as 8 years old. As our kids grow and puberty hits, one of the major issues they face that […]

[Video] Our First-time Visit to the North American International Auto Show Stirs the Dads

As a car lover I have visited many auto events from cars shows to races and special vehicle unveilings but my first-time visit to the North American International Auto Show was unmatched. What was more surprising was the amount of texts and calls from the dads in my life wondering why I didn’t invite and […]

How to Solve Oily Hair Issues for Tweens, Teens and Mom (plus Giveaway!)

DISCLAIMER: Please see the Terms of Use section of this site. We received the Neutrogena products at no cost to sample and test. I didn’t know that oily hair is another ‘appearance issue’ that can face tweens and teenagers as part of their path from kid to puberty to young adult. By asking other parents, […]

[Video] Fun Quality Time with my Teen Girls Thanks to “La Banda”

Our Los Tweens & Teens team has had fun since July watching and attending auditions and live tapings of Univision’s first season of La Banda – a talent-search reality show cross between American Idol and The Voice airing nationally each week in Spanish on the network. The boys competed from among XX contestants to be […]

Are Your Older Kids Getting Enough Protein? Tips & Giveaway

This is part of a sponsored collaboration with MilkPEP and DiMe Media. Please see this site’s Terms of Use for details.   As kids get older sometimes it’s hard to find good protein sources they can enjoy quickly while running between school, activities and friends. During the holidays it can get even harder as so many […]

The Ultimate Girly Experience (and “American Girl” Doll Giveaway inside!)

Just in time for Christmas, read below for the American Girl Doll giveaway!  Maybe you think ‘tweens’ and then ‘American Girl’ and wonder if they’re too old for the dolls? More importantly, what I love  about the brand is its focus on providing opportunities for girls to be informed, intelligent, engaged in their ideas and literature […]