Ideas to Celebrate Class of 2020 High School Seniors Coming out of Quarantine

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Identical twins Sophia & Olivia are Top 10 Class of 2020 Graduates in Miami

The timing for the Covid-19 Pandemic and subsequent quarantine collided with the most anticipated part of the Class of 2020’s senior year. The unfortunate result kept so many high school seniors at home instead of experiencing their anticipated milestones including prom, class trips, actual LIVE graduations, giving each other hugs and so much more. Many families around the country quickly get creative finding new ways to celebrate them safely. From at-home proms to backyard graduations and drive-by parades, we have seen lots of ideas online via social media and news coverage. As stay-at-home orders slowly begin easing in many cities- we’re sharing a few ideas that will add some fun to your best efforts to make their graduation time as special as it can be.

Class of 2020 Party Out of Quarantine Ideas

  • Keep extending their ‘Class of 2020’ senior year! With dates pushed back and kids closing out their virtual learning- don’t be in a hurry to close out the celebration phase. Now would be the time to host small gatherings with families and friends that puts your graduate at the center of attention. Choose unique cakes, cupcakes and party packs like those from our amigos at Miami’s local vegan bakery Bunnie Cakes to make the experience different.
Cupcake Party Packs are fun!
  • Get social. Decide how comfortable you are with them seeing their friends. Be sensitive to their needs for social interaction since they didn’t get to say goodbye ahead of the sudden quarantine. What is safe for your family? Have a plan and be ready to react.
  • Pictures, videos and more pictures. From selfies to fun family portraits- be sure and take your seniors to unique picture spots, like the graffiti walls and murals in Miami’s Wynwood Arts District. Include your masks! Remembering this quarantine phase and all its new habits will be part of their shared ‘Class of 2020’ forever story.
Photographer Armando Colls captures graduates from Miami’s New World School of the Arts & Immaculata La Salle High Schools at the Wynwood Arts District Mana Mural Museum
  • Unique gifts. A graduation season like no other deserves special recognition. We suggest a travel experience of some sort. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but it should be different. From national to state parks or a hidden away vacation home- try to get away from all the wifi they have been forced to use and find a new experience. Also travel costs are mostly at reduced rates. If that’s not practical- we’ve gathered that tech items students will need for their next steps from laptops, tablets and digital pencils to direct cash are the top requests.
  • Party like you just came out of quarantine! The drive-by graduation party can now have music, food and perhaps a photo gift for their friends. Commemorate this memorable phase in their lives with picture gifts for your guests and be ready to take video of your own. A video you can later edit and share with them is memorable.
  • Create a time capsule. The year 2020 may be one we want to forget but likely will not. Include invitation, senior pictures, masks and anything that will help your graduate remember the love as well.
  • Move focus on to their future college theme or plans in a fun way. Decorate their room (or your living space) with new school colors, balloons, posters, etc. and make a special t-shirt. Create inspirational messages around your living space that focuses on their future being bright. Support and motivation has never mattered more with simplicity being critical.

What else can you think of? Send us an email via so we can share your ideas with our community on the blog and via our social channels!

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21 thoughts on “Ideas to Celebrate Class of 2020 High School Seniors Coming out of Quarantine

  1. Our town just had a senior parade on Saturday. All the kids decorated their cars and we all stood out and waved as they went by.

  2. I feel bad for all the kids graduating this year, but I like the idea of a drive-by vacation party.

  3. This year really has been one of a kind! these are some great ideas and ways we can still celebrate our student’s graduations.

  4. Great ideas! My niece graduated and they had a drive-by ceremony. My son’s school had a virtual graduation. Congrats to all the grads!

  5. My niece and nephew are supposedly have their graduation ceremony but it was cancelled because of a lockdown so reading this article really gives me an idea to celebration their graduation in a different way. Thank you!

  6. I hope that the 2020 Grads can have a proper ceremony and celebration next year. It would be cool if the schools will allow them to plan something the same week as the 2021 kids.

  7. Still trying to wrap BB’s cabeza around the fact that the girls have graduated high school. And next year UNIVERSITY!!! Time truly does go by rapido, so these plans to make this momento memorable estan BUENISIMO!! Congrats to the Grads!

  8. Aww, the twins are so beautiful. It just really hurts my heart this this 2020 year class did not get their traditional graduation ceremony (due to COVID19). CONGRATS to them (and for being top of their class).

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