The Ultimate Girly Experience (and “American Girl” Doll Giveaway inside!)

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Just in time for Christmas, read below for the American Girl Doll giveaway! 

One of my daughters enjoying tea time with her American Girl doll in the Miami store.

Maybe you think ‘tweens’ and then ‘American Girl’ and wonder if they’re too old for the dolls? More importantly, what I love  about the brand is its focus on providing opportunities for girls to be informed, intelligent, engaged in their ideas and literature that helps them explore the many challenges that accompany a growing girl.

If you haven’t visited an American Girl store, let me tell you it’s a  wonderful experience where  the dolls and the girls- are the centers of attention.

If a girl visits without her doll- no worries- they have ‘loaner dolls’ available and they’re complete with special chairs so they can sit right at the table in the adorable Bistro.

For tweens in particular, the book selections help them navigate their body changes, bullying scenarios, managing their friends, difficult relationships and more. The books are written in a simple format that allows them to easily interpret the material.

At times the cost of the items can be on the high side. Helping your daughter create financial goals and ‘save up’ for her dolls, accessories, clothes and more can be a great way to reward them.

The quality certainly does back up the cost as the dolls stand up to ‘mucho amor’ from the girls! The key fact is that we’re still helping girls enjoy innocent fun while helping them achieve financial goals.

“American Girl” Doll Giveaway

In the spirit of holiday giving we have an American Doll Giveaway to share with you! Yes, a doll complete with her own storybook. We proudly announce we’re raffling Grace, whom we formelly introduce to you here:

Grace Doll and Book-LR

Grace Doll and Paperback Book                                                                                        Price:  $120

Ages: 8 and up

Grace, the 2015 Girl of the Year, is an avid baker with an entrepreneurial spirit. In her story, Grace is motivated to open her own French baking business after an inspiring trip to Paris.  The Grace doll is 18” tall with sparkling blue eyes, freckles, and long dark-brown hair.

Grace arrives in a white top with a sparkly Paris graphic, a pink skirt with a black bow on the front, and a charm bracelet. Includes gray ankle boots and pink underwear, plus the Grace paperback book, written by Mary Casanova.

Enter below to win “Grace”!

American Girl Doll Giveaway

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  1. I have not, but I really love the soft curls! I have never tried one of the wands before, but the video makes it look so easy and so beautiful!

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