Ana Quincoces Wants Us To Vive Mejor

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Ana Quincoces Wants Us To Vive Mejor

Chef, Real Housewives of Miami star, attorney, cook book author and Latina mom, Ana Quincoces has added another item on her to-do list.  She’s partnered with Vive Mejor, a Spanish-language web resource, to share her recipes.  Ana sat down with us during a the Vive Mejor party in Miami to discuss teaching tweens traditions, getting kids into the kitchen and about her partnership with Vive Mejor.

Our interview quickly became a girl chat between two Latina moms who struggle with many of the same issues.  Ana offered insights into the tween/teen years, much of which I could relate to.  She shared some of her struggles as a parent and revealed that her mother is half Cuban and half Chinese – who knew!?!  Ana is down to earth, easy going and a natural representative of the brand.  Here’s what she had to say:

Ana Quincoces on Partnering with Vive Mejor

I’m very happy to be part of the Vive Mejor movement and site.  Anything that makes a woman’s life easier, especially a Latina woman, is a great thing.  I really think the relaunch of the website makes it an amazing tool for us [moms] to be able to do everything and not go crazy.  With so many great tips and shortcuts, it really is a great site.

Ana Quincoces on How to Encourage Kids to Cook

Get them in the kitchen!  You’re always going to eat healthier when you cook at home and kids become more adventurous when they see the raw ingredients.  But don’t force them.  When my daughter’s friends would come over, I would say, “Hey, can you help me do this?”.  All of her friends started thinking cooking was cool and so did they.

Ana Quincoces on How the Tween Years are Harder Than the Teens

My daughters are amazing but there is something about the hormonal fluctuation that happens to girls between ages 10, 11 and 12 that makes them obnoxious.  I actually found the teen years to be easier.  They were more comfortable in who they were.  It’s all about empowering your children and giving them the tools they need to be confident in who they are.

Ana Quincoces Favorite Vive Mejor Recipe

The ceviche on the Vive Mejor site is my favorite.  The recipe uses Knorr and it gives the ceviche a depth of flavor that you get from cooking items.  (Here’s the Recipe)


So, what’s next for Ana?  She’s partnered with the world-renowned Cuban restaurant Versailles to develop an at-home cook book with the recipes they use in the restaurant.    We can’t wait to try out the recipes.




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