Breaking the Cycle of Silence Among Us, Women

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 By Katherine Doble-Cannata


“You can’t talk about your problems online.  What happens at home, stays en la casa.”

This was the reaction one of my female family members had after learning about the concept of Los Tweens.  Of course, how could I dream of sharing online the challenges of being a parent.  I belong to a long line of Latin women who don’t share their problems with anyone except for their mothers, possibly sisters and in extreme circumstances spouses.

I know I am not the alone.  I clearly remember my close friend in third grade telling me, “You don’t know everything about me because my family has secrets that Mami and Abuela told me never to share.”  I finally pried it out of her.  I can’t remember what it was (must of not been that shocking) but what sticks in my mind was that at the age of 8 she was being taught to keep quiet about family problems.

Why are we, latin woman, fighting to create the illusion that our lives are perfect, free of meltdowns, parenting problems and spousal arguments?  What would happen if I told you my tween was being bullied or had problems with her self esteem or that I was scared to death to have the puberty talk?  Would you think any less of me or relate to my problems?  Just maybe, I can help someone in a similar situation and then it would all be worth it.

So, ladies and gentlemen, my name is Katherine.  I am Latina.  I have problems and I am going to share them!  GASP!



I don’t have to be the only rebellious one!  You, too, can write for Los Tweens.

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