A Day in the Life of a Teen Entrepreneur: Luis Rodriguez of “Suxess Clothing”

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Entrepreneurship is now the career of choice of many, with some youngsters dropping out of college to start businesses and becoming CEO’s in their 20s (think Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Google’s Larry Page).  Because there’s really no age limit to start a business, some are doing it even before stepping into college (if they do attend at all!).

Meet Luis, a very ambitious, mature, fearless, wise & self-aware Latino teen that mean business. Literally. They are not only having their time of their lives, but they are also making money while doing it.

Luis Rodriguez founded Suxess Clothing at the age of 17Name: Luis Rodriguez

Title: Founder of Suxess Clothing, an online hat company

Biz Beginnings: age 17

Current Age: 22

Nationality: Puerto Rican, living in PR

Website: suxessclothing.com

Facebook: Facebook.com/suxessclothing

Instagram: @SuxessClothing


How do you juggle school & business?

Time for me is a very important factor, and many times complicated. I handle it the agenda in my cel by creating a to-do list of all the tasks I need to accomplish during the day. I have two other responsibilities that I need to manage so my business isn’t affected: I go to university and work in a local newspaper. I do alue a lot my personal time, and I dedicate time to enjoy and unwind (even though I do confessed that it’s hard for me because I’m a workaholic).

Tell us about the role of your parents and mentors.

In the beginning, my brother advised me through the process of registering my business and get the permits, but most of it I did alone and with my own savings. Now I receive the support of friends and family members that are older than me.

Cool ‘trep learnings?

To be honest, when I started I didn’t a lot about budgeting and what I needed to do to cover expenses. During that time, I simply spent what I needed to spent and I didn’t have much control of it. Now I always work with budgeting and with finance mechanisms that I’ve learned through the journey, as well as courses, in order to reach the stability that my business needs.

What’s next?

For the moment, my plans are to expand to a local (flagship) store here in Puerto Rico, something that we get asked a lot. And we know that it will be a total “suxess.”

Know a teen entrepreneur? We would love to interview him/her! Please send us an email to: team[at]lostweens.com.

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