Are You Encouraging Summer reading for your tween?

Summer is a great time to keep your tweens reading but letting them explore new titles or genres. And it’s a terrific opportunity to have them read titles by Latinos and multicultural authors that address stories from a cultural, social or community perspective. Titles can be in English, Spanish or other languages but the idea is get them reading something they usually don’t. And by the way- maybe it’s an educational magazine as well- the idea is to make reading fun! It’s also muy importante to encourage summer reading so they don’t forget the comprehension and faster reading skills they develop during the school year. We are supporting a great initiative created by four of our Latina blogger amigas from the Wise Latinas Club and other blogs called Latinas for Latino Literature and they’re particularly focused on encouraging a summer reading program.

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Be sure to check out the program and sign up for the challenge. Our Los Tweens & Teens families are participating and already on our summer reading list you can find:

– The Arts-Angels Track 1 “Drawn to You” by Janel Rodriguez Ferrer, Brushstroke Books

Iguana Magazine– bilingual magazine for kids

– Various titles from the Magic School Bus series for younger tweens

– Several short Spanish-language books in the Level 1-3 categories so they practice Spanish and comprehension, example: ‘Piramides y Momias’ by Seymour Simon, See More Readers

– Our multicultural moms are also including Japanese and other foreign language books to help retain their culture and language active during the summer- it’s a great learning time!

Tween summer reading titles

Tween summer reading titles

What will your young readers be enjoying? Be sure and have them take ‘tech breaks’ so you know they’re focused on reading. And at the end of each week, review what they read and why they liked or didn’t like (this is just as important) the book or magazine . Of course spending time reading together always is a plus no matter the type of periodical.

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Happy FAMILY Reading!



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