Be Active in Your Child’s Education #Futuro2020

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The #Futuro2020 and #CelebrateEDU series is a compensated program with Hispanic CREO and Los Tweens.  However, all opinions expressed are as always our own. 

When your tween comes home from school extremely upset about something, do you:

  • a. Ignore them.  After all tweens are almost as dramatic as teens!
  • b. Call your amigas to chat about what happened to your tween and complain about the school.
  • c. Talk to the teacher or school principal about what is bothering your child.
  • d. Talk to your child, reassure them that it will be ok and forget about it.

In our interview with Hispanic CREO President Julio Fuentes, he warned parents to not overlook warning signs from their children.  Act right away when there is a problem.  Parents who dismiss bad grades, behavior and problems at school as just a phase or one incident are missing an opportunity to intervene.

Besides ignoring the problem, I often see moms who choose to do nothing other than gossip with their mom friends about it.  Or others who reassure their child that everything will be fine but take no action at all.

I view my role in my children’s education as that of a mother tiger.  Watching her baby cubs, making sure they are following the right path, allowing them to make mistakes but pouncing when I see a more serious problem.  It’s a funny analogy but one I really like.

In my video for our Futuro2020 series, I discuss a recent incident that happened to my eldest tween Maddy and how I intervened.  How do you see your role in your child’s education?   Share with us and join the movement.



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