Bing Supports Education with Two New Initiatives

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New pencils, notebooks, backpacks and Bing?  Search engine Bing hopes to make it on your school supply list this year with two new initiatives, Bing for Schools and Bing Rewards.  Both will certainly catch the attention of school administrators and parents (it  caught ours!).   Here’s what you need to know:

Bing for Schools

Announced in June and unveiling today, Bing for Schools is a version of the search engine which has no ads, enhanced privacy protection, filtered out adult content and a digital literacy lesson.  Three, age-appropriate lesson plans will be updated daily.  The plans have been crafted by teachers and focus on explaining to students how to pick through search engine results for the most reliable source, the best keywords and more.  This version of Bing is available to schools nationwide at no cost.  To learn more about Bing for Schools click here.


Bing Rewards

We talk about ways to give back and be more involved in our schools.  Here’s a great opportunity for us to do just that by doing nothing other than searching online.  Going live today, Bing Rewards assigns points to the school of your choice every time you search.  For every 30,000 points a school receives, Bing donates a Microsoft Surface PC Tablet to the school.  According to the search engine, 60 parents conducting a normal amount of searches can donate a table a month.

Why is Bing taking on these initiatives?  “Parental involvement is very important to us and its often hard to know what that means.  So we’re creating very simple pathways,” said Bing Behavioral Scientist Matt Wallaert.  He was also quick to point out that it’s not just for parents.   Abuelos, amigos, and anyone who uses a search engine can earn points for a school.

What can we – los padres –  do?


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