How to Blend the Best of Western and Asian Approaches to Parenting

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405958A global citizen, Maya Thiagarajan has lived and worked in IndiaSingapore, and the US. She earned a BA in English from Middlebury College and a Masters in Education Policy from Harvard University.

Struck by the different approaches to education and parenting that she encountered, Maya began to interview hundreds of Asian families on their values, hopes, fears and parenting styles.

Beyond the Tiger Mom: East-West Parenting for the Global Age, a new book byMaya Thiagarajan, explores how to blend the best of Western and Asian approaches to parenting and education.

This thoroughly interesting book rests on the premise that Western and Eastern educational and parenting philosophies have vastly different strengths and weaknesses; therefore, parents on either side of the world can learn from each other…Beyond the Tiger Mom is an honest, thought-provoking read!” – Holistic Parenting Magazine

In Beyond the Tiger Mom, Thiagarajan examines the stereotypes and goes beneath the surface to explore what really happens in Asian households. How do Asian parents think about childhood, family and education—and what can Western parents learn from them?

“Beyond the Tiger Mom is a brilliant book. Hard-hitting and brutally honest but also balanced, insightful, and funny. It avoids clichés and draws on years of research and personal multicultural teaching experience.”Amy Chua, Yale Law Professor and author of Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother and The Triple Package: What Really Determines Success

Each chapter of the book ends with a “How To” section with specific tips for parents to aid their child’s educational development both inside and outside the classroom.

Maya Thiagarajan brings a unique East-and-West perspective, and a refreshing balanced discussion, to hot-button issues in child rearing. Her interviews and ethnographic analyses deliver a wealth of insights into Asian vs. Western parenting decisions on topics ranging from math drills to self-esteem.”Katharine Beals, Author of Raising a Left Brained Child in a Right Brained World

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