Florida PrePaid Open Enrollment- A Plan for the Near

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DISCLAIMER: The Florida PrePaid College Board is a Promotional Partner of Los Tweens & Teens. However, as always, all views are 100% our own. 

We believe in Education. It’s that simple. Our Los Tweens & Teens content creators team consistently develops content that helps you guide your growing kids from a variety of education angles including school choice, bullying, study habits, tech trends and the college application process. In that spirit we’re excited to share important college-savings opportunities for our Florida-based families.

Tweens are so much fun as they start talking about their future and dreams. Make education a central part of those goals.

Tweens are so much fun as they start talking about their future and dreams. Make education a central part of those goals.

The Florida Prepaid College Board operates the Florida Prepaid College Savings programs and there are more choices for Florida families than ever before. My own family uses the Florida Prepaid program to save money for our girls’ future education. Since my husband and I automatically knew that we would have two kids in college at one time without any space in between (the twins!), then we started planning early. But the most important features of the latest program offerings are that you actually don’t have to start from when your kids are newborns (we did not start that early). The 1-Year Florida University Plan is the Florida Prepaid College Board’s newest offering, allowing extended family members and friends to share in a child’s college costs. Plans start at $46 per month- yes, that’s less than $50 per month!

For parents of tweens (7-12 year olds) there is STILL TIME TO APPLY AND START SAVING. The Florida 2015-16 Open Enrollment period runs Oct. 15, 2015 through Feb. 29, 2016.

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Check out the Enrollment facts and details HERE





There are plans available for kids as old as 12 with only a few years left until they start college. Plans include monthly payment options from $400 or less per month for a 4-year plan for an 8-year old child. What I was so surprised to see are all the options from 1 – 4 year programs. These options weren’t available when our own family started to save so I urge our Los Tweens & Teens parents community to really read the materials to find out what’s best for your family.

And there’s an EXCITING SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM opportunity to win!jump-start

The Florida Prepaid Scholarship Program will run now through Nov. 15, and award ten 2-Year Florida College Plans. So yes, 10 Florida-based families will win a 2-year Florida College Plan as part of the Board’s commitment to broaden awareness of the budget-friendly plan options. And just so we’re clear, there are 28 colleges that compose the Florida College System and 65% of the state’s high school students pursue their postsecondary education at one of those schools. It’s highly likely that your Florida-based student will go to college within the state which now offers some of the lowest tuition rates via the savings program.

If you live in Florida and your children are getting older, you still have time to help them have an opportunity to enroll in a Florida College. With these plans your family can benefit from significant savings by starting to pay and save before their first day of College life. On that day you can just focus on the happy tears of seeing them off to a new educational experience- I know I will be a crying mess!!

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  1. Que tema tan importante, lo mucho que podemos ahorrar empezando temprano y no hasta que llegue el momento. Gracias.

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