Geek is Cool

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What is cool and who defines it?

Children who once wore Spiderman costumes or pink tutus to the grocery store suddenly become increasingly aware of their peers and what they think when the tween years hit.   From how they look to which backpack brand they carry, tweens are just learning to navigate the world of “cool”.

Around junior high, my husband transitioned out of a “gifted” program and into a new school.  Being smart was no longer cool.  He found himself lying to his friends about his grades, not studying and no longer caring.  He didn’t want to be perceived as different or the “geek”.  This attitude followed him in to high school where he had a hard time trying to turn it around.  By the time he did, the college he wanted to attend was no longer an option.


When I found out that today’s topic for Univision’s #EsElMomento campaign was “Geek is Cool”, I realized my husband’s story is the perfect example of how we need to remind our children that being smart is always in-style.  Together with Univision, we strongly believe that education is key to the success of future U.S. generations.  Throughout this week we’ll be sharing videos and information about #EsElMomento and encouraging you to share.  

This is part of a media campaign with Univision, however all opinions expressed are our own. 

In this video, Amber from is joined by her two tweens and shares why geek is definitely cool.

Amber’s tweens won’t be worrying about how their friend’s perceive them and understand the importance of being smart.  What about your tweens?  Have you a conversation with them on the importance of getting good grades?

Join the conversation on Twitter by following @LosTweens and @EsElMomento.  Share your photos of your tweens celebrating why #GeekIsCool on Twitter or Instagram and be sure to tag us!  



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