It’s the First Week of School – We Could All Use a Pep Talk

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It's all smiles now but then what happens?

It’s all smiles now but then what happens?

It’s Thursday on the first week back to school and we’re quickly falling to pieces.

The eldest tween is trying out for the varsity volleyball team.  She’s staying up late to complete her 6th grade school work.  And, there is a sudden preoccupation with looks.  I believe we counted at least seven times she checked herself before going out the door the other morning.

The youngest (almost tween) has had three meltdowns.  One for a book he didn’t want to read before bed time.  Another for a sandwich instead of chicken nuggets for lunch and the third was for a reason that no one has been able to decipher.

After a highly productive work week, I’ve been in a fog this week.  Unable to focus.  Feeling constantly behind in my to-do list.  To add to it all, I decided to start a harder work out regimen hoping it would help me focus.  Instead it leaves me up at night tossing and turning.  So now I’m sleep deprived, trying to keep up with the kids and my work.

What’s a mom to do?  It’s time for a pep talk.  Time to talk some sense into all of us.  I started with my tween son.  A long conversation about his worries, the changes he’s experiencing from Kindergarten to 1st grade (“there’s not enough playtime”) and his changing friends made a big difference in his attitude.  Oh and a big hug didn’t hurt!  He needed time and reassuring from me that everything was going to be fine.

Tonight I’ll spend time with the eldest tween doing the same thing and talking out why she’s so worried about her looks.  Then, I have to give myself a pep talk and a little “me” time.  I’m sure it will all be fine but we all need a little reassurance.

Anyone else having or experienced the first week back to school stress?  How did you handle it?




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