Open Lines of Communication Between School and Home #Futuro2020

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In her second video for the #Futuro2020 series, Amber (  shares how she monitors her older tweens’ grades.  With changing technology, communication between home and school no longer has to be done via in person meetings or phone calls.  Emails provide fast and easy ways of communicating between parents, teachers and school administrators.  Web sites provide a 24 hour portal into the classroom and contain lists of assignments, homework and grades.

As Amber points out, it’s what parents do with this technology that can make a difference and sometimes we have to use the good old-fashioned way and actually have an in-person conversation.

Do you have an open line of communication with your child’s teachers?  How do you stay informed?

The #Futuro2020 campaign is a compensated series with Hispanic CREO and Los Tweens however, all opinions expressed are our own. 

Who are the #Futuro2020 Mami Ambassadors?

Amber (, Candy (, Michelle ( and Katherine and Cristy ( have partnered with Hispanic CREO to support their Futuro 2020 campaign.  The Latina moms of tweens strongly believe that education is key to our future and the most important factor in a child’s education is parental involvement.  Through a series of videos, the #Futuro2020 Mami Ambassadors share their stories of how they’re involved and provide tips and advice for parents.

View the Futuro2020 Mami Ambassador Videos: 

Amber ( Video 1 

Candy ( Video 1 and  Video 2

Michelle ( Video 1  and Video 2

Katherine ( Video 1

What is Futuro2020?

Futuro2020 is a national campaign created to raise awareness of the low academic achievement of Hispanics, to educate people on why this is bad for America and to identify new solutions to this crisis.

Join the movement: 

Join the Futuro2020 campaign by texting FUTURO to 52886 to receive more information.

Sign up to join the movement

Follow @futuro_2020 on Twitter and the #Futuro2020 hashtag

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