Technology Impact: 21st Century Education

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Together with Univision, we strongly believe that education is key to the success of future U.S. generations.  Throughout this week we’ll be sharing videos and information about #EsElMomento and encouraging you to share as well.  

This is part of a media campaign with Univision, however all opinions expressed are our own.

Recently a mom told us about how her son’s Kindergarten classroom is using tablets exclusively for homework assignments. Our reaction was to ask really? More and more we see toddlers in strollers being entertained with tablets- but requiring a 5 or 6 year old to do their coloring and spelling on one is a different twist.

Technology is changing the education landscape.  Computers, laptops, tablets, even cell phones and all different types of electronics are drastically changing the way our tweens and teens learn in and out of the classroom.  But, we need to be sure that all students are receiving access to the technology, especially students in lower-income neighborhoods. In our video below, Cristina and her tween daughter from Una Colombiana en California share how different today’s ‘back ups’ are from her school days not so long ago.


This week as the Univision Network embarks on its #EselMomento campaign- there is a strong focus on what education and the means of educating all of our U.S. kids no matter the affluence – will look like this century. Already many high schools are moving to more tablet-based curriculums. And many schools are actually dropping handwriting as a subject area. These decisions all have their pros, cons and serious impact across the nation- but the point is to be part of the dialog. If you’re not engaged, you’re not prepared to respond to the growing technology issues your children- our future generation- are facing NOW.

Continue to follow the #EselMomento conversation because NOW is the time to act and be informed. Do share your insights with our Los Tweens & Teens team. Education is a serious issue for us and we welcome continued discussion to help us all grow together positively.



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