Tips for Understanding the First Report Card

by Kathryn M. Núñez (5th Grade Teacher)


As the first round of report cards begin to make their ways home, parents are probably worried about whether or not their child has performed above or at minimum at average to their grade level.  They hope that the marks reflect their child’s efforts and worry about the need to illicit extra help.
There are a few factors that parents should keep in mind when reading the first report card because these marks reflect the hardest part of the child’s school year:
– Your child has been adjusting to a new teacher’s rules and personality.
– There are probably also new teaching methods that are being employed.
– In some cases, children may be surrounded by new classmates.
– The new grade level means an increase in workload and demand.
While these changes do not excuse poor marks, they are important to understand when speaking to tween about the report card.  Asking questions pertaining to the teacher’s methods, personality and grade level requirements will help parents pinpoint the problems.
Kathryn M. Núñez is a certified 5th grade teacher with over seven years of experience. 

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