Tips for Intervening in Your Child’s Education – Teacher Meetings

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The Futuro 2020 program has a goal to help parents drive the educational success with their children and change the low graduation levels still found across many Latino and minority communities. When speaking with other parents, the Los Tweens team has found that strong communication between the parent, teachers and the student can almost immediately help boost academic achievement. Are you involving your child in the education discussion? How well are you communicating with teachers and school staff on an ongoing basis? Do you naturally discuss schoolwork, deadlines and projects with your kids without the talk turning into a shouting match of some sort? Ongoing dialog helps ease the more difficult conversation when grades or behavior aren’t at strong levels or when peer pressure starts to impact your kids. We believe in order to really help children, you have to connect and communicate with them.

To help support the #Futuro2020 initiatives, we asked other amigas to share their insights with us.

Tips for Being Screen Free & More Involved #Futuro2020

As children get older, they have more teachers throughout the school day so scheduling a parent-teacher conference is more challenging. Some tips include:

  •  Contact the home-room teacher first who can help you connect with the teachers of ‘special subjects’
  • Advise the teachers that you would like your child present during the meetings so they too can hear the issues or praise
  • Be positive and open to hearing the feedback. Sometimes we can be an obstacle to creating the change a child needs.
  • When necessary, involve a school admistrator who can further support your child’s needs
  • Be consistent. Lay the foundations now that your children need to have continued acadamic success in highschool and beyond.

In this video Amber, a mom and blogger with her own site Thrifty Ninja talks to us about how she recently helped her son by scheduling meetings with all of his teachers. The results were postive and actually helped her be a better guide and support for her son’s study needs.



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