[Video] Bilingual Website Offers Free Tools to Teach “Spirituality for Kids”

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Spirituality for Kids offers spiritual tools in four main areas.

SpiritualityforKids.com offers spiritual lessons in four main areas, available in English, Spanish, Hebrew, Arabic and Portuguese.

Spirituality for Kids is a non-profit organization who’s mission is to bring spiritual tools to as many children as possible around the world, in order to help them manage life’s challenges and make better decisions and in so doing, change the course of their lives and benefit future generations.

Through curriculum-time lessons as well as after-school classes, Spirituality for Kids was taught in schools and community-based organizations in major cities in the US.

In 2007, after an outcome study by RAND Corporation confirmed that Spirituality for Kids programs were having a positive impact on children’s behavior, the program expanded to seven countries in eight different languages.

Since 2012, Spirituality for Kids has been expanding into a multimedia model, offering an online program with no cost thru SpiritualityForKids.com, which is used by kids and adults together, at home, as well as by volunteers around the world, teaching group classes to kids in foster homes, prisons, hospitals, afterschool programs, and in schools.

Within the lessons in Spirituality for Kids, you’ll find videos, exercises and activities that are designed to engage various ages and learning styles, ensuring that every child can understand the topic at hand.

Spirituality For Kids offers 7 skills for parents:

  1. Parenting as an opportunity to grow spiritually
  2. Know yourself and your child
  3. Identify your child’s learning style
  4. Take the time to know your child
  5. Understand the effect on your child from your reactive behaviors
  6. Redefine success by embracing your child’s process instead on focusing on the end results
  7. Believe in your child to help them believe in themselves

To help you with the activities, they recommend you download and print the free My Lightbook in PDF. If however you’d rather purchase a ready-made My Lightbook, you can do so in their store. Furthermore, if your internet connection is unreliable, you can purchase all the video lessons and animations on a single DVD.

With a combination of video lessons, games, recommended literature and creative activities and worksheets, your child will have fun and learn valuable spiritual concepts.

Watch the video below included in the first lesson in “Level 1: Winning the Game of Life,” where they introduce the fictional characters that will follow the kids throughout the journey:


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