[Video] “Young Innovators Fair” to Support STEM Education Jan 2nd & 3rd in Philly

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The Young Innovators Fair is a platform that brings STEM (science, technology, education & math) to life on a massive scale so children can learn more about these all-important areas

While some are just getting back to work following New Year celebrations, an enthusiastic group from Digital Media Academy will already be in place in Oaks, Penn., to participate in the Young Innovators Fair, happening Saturday, Jan. 2 and Sunday, Jan. 3, 2016.

DMA will be on hand to represent its celebrated tech-camp program as a STEM educational provider, and to conduct compressed workshops with expo attendees.


Interactive Demos
DMA will showcase mini-demos for show attendees of some of its best-loved tech courses, including 3D Printing, Programming, Minecraft™, and Engineering & Rocket Science (electrical engineering).

Entertaining Speakers
Along with the course demos offered, DMA will be represented by camp director Jessica Perfetto, DMA instructor Dillon Kenniston and all-star TA Noah Rubin, who will give an intense and interactive speech and presentation designed to inspire young attendees to follow their STEM-path dreams.

DMA courses are taught by industry professionals and talented teachers, all within a fun summer camp setting that mixes project-based learning with extracurricular activities...both inside the classroom and out. (PRNewsFoto/Digital Media Academy)

DMA courses are taught by industry professionals and talented teachers, all within a fun summer camp setting that mixes project-based learning with extracurricular activities…both inside the classroom and out. (PRNewsFoto/Digital Media Academy)

All-Star Lineup
This event is all about encouraging young kids to explore STEM-related activities and careers. There will be lots of hands-on activities at the two-day event and the all-star lineup DMA joins includes more than 100 organizations and companies, such as:

  • Boy & Girl Scouts of America
  • Google
  • Khan Academy
  • K’Nex
  • Pixar
  • Raspberry STEM

International Event
Attendees will be touring a variety of exhibits about different areas of science and technology – including biotech, aerospace and earth sciences. DMA is expecting record numbers of visitors to its booth, which will be located in the STEAM area that includes arts, architecture, and TV & movies.

Conference organizers are expecting more than 10,000 attendees to the international event, which is somewhat unique among such events, in that here, the tech work of kids is what’s primarily on display.

Even better: The event will feature 10 “Innovation Worlds” that each focus on a different tech discipline. The Young Innovators Fair will also contain some 40 hands-on attractions (including DMA’s own), where kid attendees can learn by actually doing cool things.

Grand Prize…from DMA!
In addition to showing tradeshow attendees how cool a tech summer at DMA can be, DMA will also be supplying the event’s Grand Prize raffle giveaway: One free week of camp at any DMA tech camp location across the U.S. and Canada! (Grand Prize value:$1,195)

(Attendees should check DMA’s booth for more prizes. Attendees participating in DMA’s tradeshow events are eligible to win other cool DMA prizes, too!)

But the prizes and games are really only there for fun. The true objective is to get kids excited about STEM-related topics.

“Our goal there is to provide students with fun activities to spur their interest in STEM courses,” said Lopez. “And to encourage them to follow that path by hopefully enrolling in our 2016 tech camps, where they can continue their journey of discovery this summer.”

A True Sense of Accomplishment
DMA is attending the Young Innovators Fair because it believes in the organization’s mission of bettering young lives through technological progress.

That’s the same mission that drives Digital Media Academy as it focuses its energies on delivering the world’s best tech-camp experience.

DMA students master any of a number of today’s most in-demand tech skills. Beyond that, DMA students graduate with enhanced problem-solving skills, increased collaborative abilities and a true and earned sense of accomplishment.

Students from all over the Pennsylvania area with a passion and interest for STEM education can learn more by visiting with DMA this January in Oaks, Penn.

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