[Video] Top 15 STEM Toys of 2016 for Tweens to Play and Learn

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Spin Master Corp, a leading global children’s entertainment company, is unwrapping magic with a collection of toys, games, and entertainment properties that deliver on 2016’s most popular and emerging play patterns.

Proud to be part of holiday traditions for more than 20 years, Spin Master has identified this year’s hottest trends that gift givers will want to keep in mind as they check their lists—advanced technology; STEM toys, engineering, and robotics; imaginative play; and play with design.

Advanced Technology

Play patterns are evolving with new technologies and product innovation. Spin Master incorporates robotics and augmented reality into toys and games at unprecedented levels.

    • Hatchimals were launched on October 7 and met with tremendous excitement globally. The interactive creatures have become the most in-demand toy of the season, with consumers so eager to hatch their own, that production has already been accelerated to meet demand. Spin Master is expediting shipments to bring Hatchimals to children around the world and as a result, Hatchimals will be arriving at retail throughout the holiday season and in early 2017. The magical creatures are nestled inside eggs, and they can only magically hatch through a child’s nurturing and touch before they can be raised from baby to toddler to full-grown Hatchimal. $59.99 USD (Ages 5+)
    • Zoomer™ Chimp, the newest addition to the award-winning Zoomer™ line, has lifelike movements and realistic sounds, along with advanced voice recognition technology. The more kids play with Zoomer™ Chimp, the more it learns and evolves. Zoomer™ Chimp stands and moves on its own, providing endless interaction and discovery. $119.99 USD (Age: 5+)
    • Air Hogs Thunder Trax is an all-terrain amphibious vehicle with push-button transformation capabilities that change the vehicle from tank to high-performance boat. This RC, with its rugged-built quality, tackles any environment indoors and out. $74.99 USD (Age: 8+)
    • Air Hogs Connect: Mission Drone delivers the first immersive, augmented reality game experience where players fly a physical drone in an interactive digital universe. Using a smart device and free app, players fly the Mission Drone while watching their room transform into a science fiction universe while commanding a team of heroes to complete missions, rescue aliens, and more. $149.99 USD (Age: 10+)

STEM Toys, Engineering, and Robotics
Kids want toys and games that challenge them and provide new play patterns, while parents look for ways to encourage their children to take an interest in STEM subjects.

A refreshed classic, the latest offerings from Meccano go beyond the build to bring engineering and robotics to life for kids.

  • Micronoid is a mini robot friend that offers big-time fun by taking the programming of larger-scale Meccanoid to a more accessible level in both price and building. The Micronoids tell jokes, laugh, and move, as well as interact with each other. $39.99 USD (Age: 8+)
  • Meccasaur is a three-foot-long interactive T-rex with a huge personality. Easily programmable via the Meccabrain on its back, kids can control things like Meccasaur’s direction, attack, and roar, while understanding its mood based on its color-changing LED eyes. $99.99 USD (Age: 10+)
  • Meccanoid 2.0 is a robotic friend that kids and adults can build and program in different ways. Following the success of the Meccanoid G15, this year’s Meccanoid 2.0 takes the original to the next level with its new, faster processor. $139.99 USD (Age: 10+)

Imaginative Play
This season’s toys create lasting memories and give kids the chance to experience an array of play patterns. Spin Master has created toys with interaction in mind, incorporating a level of technology while also promoting socialization and bonding.

  • Brightlings interactive doll is as lovable as it is silly. With three wacky play modes—play, record/repeat, and music—kids can compose a song or talk and interact with the Brightlings that have more than100 unique preprogrammed phrases. $29.99 USD(Age: 4+)
  • PAW Patrol Zoomer Marshall™ lets kids bring their favorite PAW Patrol pup to life. With more than 150 real PAW Patrol sounds and phrases, fun rescue adventures await. Kids can use his transforming pup pack (with launching water cannons) to help with more than 80 tricks and interactive missions. $69.99 USD (Age: 3+)
  • Tech Deck mini-skateboards and mini-BMX bikes feature authentic graphics and designs from the biggest action sport companies in the world such as Element, Primitive, and Haro. Kids can recreate their favorite skate and BMX tricks like Ollie, Shuv-it, and 360 tailwhip on the Tech Deck ramps. $2.99–$14.99 USD (Age: 6+)

Play with Design
With close attention to design at every step in the process, a new generation of Activities products is inspiring and empowering creative freedom with kids. A range of skill levels ensures there is something for everyone.

  • Bunchems – Award-winning Bunchems squish and connect to each other for endless creative play; Bunchems Alive, the new battery-operated mechanism, brings a bounce, shake, and wiggle to each creation with a simple tap. The Bunchems Alive pack includes 300 Bunchems, 13 bouncing accessories, and one bouncing core to keep things moving. $24.99 USD (Age: 6+)
  • Pottery Cool Studio is an innovative way to make crafting and designing clay projects easy and fun to do. Kids can create perfectly shaped pottery by letting gravity do the work. Once air-dried, the creativity really begins. Includes everything needed to make a variety of creations. $39.99 USD (Age: 6+)
  • Kinetic Sand is the #1 global sand brand, and it never dries out. Its new building formula holds its shape while kids play so they can mold and shape detailed results. Available in a 2-Color Pack, Kinetic Sand Build sets—Sandcastle Set, Bakery Boutique set, Build Crash ‘Em Cars, Paw Patrol and Disney licensed, and refill packs. $4.99–$19.99 USD (Age: 5+)

More Holiday Hits
For many families, giving and playing games is a holiday ritual. Spin Master’s exciting games will be on wish lists for kids and grown-ups.

  • Hedbanz™ Electronic adds an Electronic Host to the popular, fast-paced “Who Am I?” game. An ever-changing, exciting family experience, players pick a partner, put on a headband, and grab a card while the Electronic Host determines the game mode (“Ask It,” “Describe It,” “Do It”) and keeps score. $19.99 USD (Age: 7+)
  • Escape Room the Game brings home the thrill and challenge of a real Escape Room to your home. Players have one hour to work together to find clues, solve puzzles, and think outside the box to complete one of the four Escape Room scenarios. $39.99 USD (Age: 16+)

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