Let’s Celebrate Tween School Year Success


No es facil! It’s not easy being a tween.  There’s growing peer pressure, increasing school work, science projects, the looming threat of puberty and those nasty chores that we keep begging them to do – no es fácil!  One of the ways that we make it through the year in our homes is by celebrating successes – being chosen for class president,  good grades on a report card, being recognized for kindness or a good act, making a winning ‘gol’ (shot, throw, dunk, swim or whatever sport score!), or even just getting a good grade on a test that our tweens studied really hard to pass.


For the 2012 – 2013 school year, we’ll be sharing our tween’s success stories with you and invite you to join us in doing the same.  Together we can motivate our tweens to try harder, achieve more and celebrate hard work. We can lay the foundation for continued school success later. Of course we also will share our hard times, struggles and learnings- but that’s another post!


How you can join us:


  • Post a photo of your tweens success to our Facebook wall with a brief description and add #CelebrateEdu
  • Tweet your photo on Twitter and include our handle @LosTweens and the hashtag #CelebrateEdu



We’ll pick our favorite photos throughout the year and share them on our site.




Cristy and Katherine


We’re motivated by the lyrics of this song: Celebrate Youth

Celebrate life! Celebrate love! 

All of the dreams of our tomorrows.  

Celebrate joy!

For all of the gifts we bring today.

Celebrate faith! Celebrate hope!

For here in our midst is God among us. 

Celebrate peace! 

Together we live the faith we claim. 

Celebrate Youth!

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